Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union – Interview

Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union – Interview

When London Life UK came across these guys thanks to a chance encounter on Twitter, we knew we had to find out more about their Pop Up. So we did and here is our interview with the Head Chef Rolan (Yes the one with the flames). We’ll be reviewing their first night, but to be honest if you are free this weekend I wouldn’t bother waiting for it.

Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union
Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union. Credit Philipp Ammon @photoammon

What is your pop up?

Our restaurant is called Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union. It’s based at 5-7 Rivington Street (site of the old R3d Market) and we’re there every Friday and Saturday from 6.30-11.30pm, launching Saturday 31st August.

Why did you decide to set up RSDU?

A few reasons really. Firstly, Ronnie Saunders was my granddad and a real legend. Everyone who knew him loves him just as much as I do. Ronnie instilled a lot of values on me and I wanted to use my skill (cooking) to bring people together and learn about him and what we like to call ‘Ronnie’s World’. Secondly, both myself and the other founder are not from particularly wealthy backgrounds so we wanted to find a way to offer a fine dining experience to those who can’t cough up £50 for the privilege.

Why is RSDU so special?

It’s a place built on principles. Everything we do is in accordance to our core values as a business. Actually, defining our values was one of the longest parts of the start-up process but they’re manifesting themselves in everything we do so it was a great exercise.

Where can we normally find you?

Travelling between our suppliers across the country looking at the next menu’s meat and vegetable selections. We work with lots of reputable organic farmers and all our produce is locally sourced. Partners include Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Cliftons and various market stall traders across London.

Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union
Ronnie Saunders’ Diners Union. Credit Philipp Ammon @photoammon

Why did you choose the location? What makes them special?

It’s a long story, but I’ll give you the short version. We are partnered with Live-In Guardians ( and they were able to make an introduction with the owner of Red Gallery. Stars aligned as R3D market was just about to finish and we saw the space and took it immediately. No turning back since then. Right now it’s a building site but come the 31st August it’s going to look really special!

What is your signature dish?

We change our menu each week. We want to challenge ourselves to produce the finest food from across the world, drawing our inspiration from working class traditions. So week 1 is Victorian London, then week 2 is French Revolution, then week 3 is Italy 827 AD for example. We’re open until the end of the year so expect us to have travelled far and wide and back in time to offer some great menu’s.

Why should we come and visit you?

We’re trying to do something different, and we’re putting back into the community. We’re partnered with St Mungo’s to select, train, accommodate (through Live In Guardians) and eventually set up a business for a group of homeless Londoners as part of this project. We’ve got some huge, huge plans for the business and how he help the community and this is just the start. We also give 5% of our income to St Mungo’s.

But then if you want the usual answers – Foods excellent, chefs are great, it’s going to be a really good vibe and most importantly…..BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE!

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