National Burger Day – Mini Guide

National Burger Day – Mini Guide

The August bank holiday has been and gone, the summer days are beginning to fade, so we thought our readers could do with a bit of good news to cheer up the Tuesday blues. So here it is……. Today is National Burger Day – woop!! All over the UK burger connoisseurs will be indulging in their favourite meaty concoctions, so we thought we’d share a few of our London favourites below:

Honest Burgers, Brixton Village Market – A tiny burger restaurant nestled amongst the bizarrely wonderful metropolis which is Brixton Village Market, Honest Burgers offer a menu with only 6 burgers, one chicken (free range of course), three beef all made from Ginger Pig dry aged beef, one veggie made with cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots, spices, coriander and cucumber yoghurt and of course one special which as you would expect changes on a regular basis. My favourite offering is the Honest burger, which is a truly fantastic and mouth-watering burger, served with crispy, rosemary salt chips. For those of you north of the river that get the shakes when someone suggests venturing south, you can now find them in Camden and Soho as well.

MEATmarket, Covent Garden – Tucked away in the rafters of Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden MEATmarket was created by the same team behind MEATliquor and MEATwagon. The menu consists of a variety of burgers, hot dogs and hard milkshakes. The emphasis of MEATmarket is most definitely on flavour and not presentation, all the food comes in greaseproof paper and cutlery is non-existent. Our favourite meaty offering is the dead hippy burger, which is a melt in the mouth burger which is sloppingly delicious and has a generous splattering of ‘secret sauce’.

Burger Flavoured Ice Cream. Photo credit: Tom Bowles
Burger Flavoured Ice Cream. Photo credit: Tom Bowles

The Sold Out – National Burger Day Tweet Up, Dalston – As part of the #NationalBurgerDay celebrations Tweat Up are hosting a celebration of all things meaty. For the barginous price of £10, tickets include a pint of Meantime lager, a Cheeseburger Pickleback and a Breddo’s #Chilliback. One of our favourite speciality ice cream suppliers Sorbitium have also created a burger flavoured ice cream for the occasion, which is definitely worth a try! Though we can’t wait to hear about the Pie burger by Andy Bates (Eat my Pies) If there wasn’t so much choice in London we’d be tempted to go and cry by the railing in the hope the fortunate people inside kindly throw us bits to try.

So while this might be sold out, Tweat Up offers up a great selection of alternatives, including Disco Bistro, part of Skate Kings Cross, so if you fancy a bit of Roller Disco with your burger and fries tonight, there really is no competition.

These are only a few of the quite mind boggling choices in what has become a burger explosion in London, the likes of Hache in Camden, Chelsea, Clapham and Shoreditch are also worth a look, especially if you like peanut butter. While Dirty Burger in Kentish town and now Vauxhall are making waves with their very minimal menus. While places like Bodean’s which has been offering meaty delights for longer than most should not be discounted, nor should the huge number of pubs which are too numerous to mention. Our main advice is to ditch the chains and try out the ones that are trying to push the breaded bun shaped meaty envelope.

The creators of National Burger Day Mr Hyde have put together a handy list of Burger joints offering 20% off today.

Anyway writing this has made us hungry so we are off to find a Burger for lunch and we’re not clowning about.

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