Fisher Gin Review – A coastal delight

Fisher Gin Review – A coastal delight

A few months ago we sipped Fishers Gin cocktails on the stunning London Shell Co restaurant boat along some of London’s canal network. Our drinks were expertly matched to the seafood we were served. It’s fair to say that we thought the whole experience was completely and utterly delicious and pretty magical.

However, we know full well that the surroundings can have a big effect on taste, so we wanted to taste Fishers Gin in the more ‘normal’ surroundings of our home on a cold and rainy day in September.

fishers gin

Fishers Gin was up for the challenge and sent us a small bottle complete with their new much-improved branding.

So how did this coastal gin stack up in landlocked London? (the Thames notwithstanding of course). Pretty well as it happens, pretty well indeed. We got clear hints of the sea thanks to the botanicals sustainably foraged on the marshland that divides the North Sea from the River Alde.

As someone who was brought up on the coast, I often long for anything that reminds me of my (perhaps) romantic memories of growing up close to the sea. Fishers Gin gave me this fix with the added bonus of being gin and also delicious. Sure,m my own wasn’t as much fun as being on a boat and being served amazing cocktails, but it was a very good replacement.

Learn more about Fishers Gin here.

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If you want a gin that will test you and give you a unique hints of the coast, then you need to give Fishers gin a try.

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