The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – The immersive experience we all want and deserve

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – The immersive experience we all want and deserve

Immersive food and drinks experiences are all the rage now and Fever has joined forces with Kit and Caboodle have come to London after a successful run in NY and LA with yet another one based off one of the worlds most memorable books, a book that for some reason we all can’t stop inherently loving; Alice in Wonderland.

As most immersive experiences come, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party comes with a modernised, up to date humour and the sexual references we all love so much and find funnier and funnier with every consecutive cocktail we consume. Which in this case is actually a decent amount of 4 cocktails, a lot of which you actually have to make yourself, which is a great way to them to save on bartenders and you can’t even complain because this situation has forced you to interact with the person next to you and suddenly they’re your best friend for the next hour or so before you never see them again. A small price to pay for your next best friend. So, in the end the experience is also a cocktail making masterclass so you leave feeling like you’ve achieved something today and maybe you’re actually a productive member of society and life isn’t that bad after all.

The cocktails are all gin-based, with exciting combinations of Boë Passion Fruit Gin, mint, brown sugar, and lemonade and names such as JaBoëwocky and Drink Me Boë (if you haven’t guessed, all the gin is Boë gin). The snacks are also original combinations such as cucumber ice-cream and sweet smoked chipotle and nutmeg, but as nice as they sound not enough to layer the stomach before pumping it full of gin, so I recommend eating beforehand. I wish I had. Good thing is that most snacks are vegan or vegetarian, making it overall a very inclusive experience.

The acting and the story is not the next Christopher Nolan movie but no one comes to these events for anything other than to get drunk and get entertained while doing so and that’s exactly what the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party achieved. All in all it is a great night out for friends and a very instagramable experience.

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