You’ll want to try these Oatly treats @ Max’s Sandwich Shop

You’ll want to try these Oatly treats @ Max’s Sandwich Shop

Oatly x Max’s Sandwich Shop Collab

If you find yourself in Crouch End over the next couple of weeks be sure to stop by Max’s Sandwich Shop, a homely café with innovative recipes. They have just debuted their vegan bobolonis made using Oatly’s vanilla custard. This sweet treat is a one of a kind, limited edition treat – any vegans wanted to taste the best of London need to head here fast.

The Boboloni

Unlike anything I’d ever tasted before. An Italian donut filled with Oatly Custard and sandwiched between fried, sugared bread with a slither of sharp, sweet jam. Greasy and sugary, this is best enjoyed in moderation. The combination of flavours is so unique and crazy, it’s surprising how amazingly well it all marries together. 

Oat White Russians

Continuing with the Oatly showcase, the bar served White Russians (Feature image) all night. All made using Oatly’s creamy non-dairy milk. This is a simple, three-ingredient cocktail which competes with its non-vegan counterpart. Not only is it super creamy, but using Oatly is healthier than dairy – which sounds to me like an excuse to drink more! Recreate this drink at home using vodka, coffee liquor, and Oatly milk. 

The Café 

Max’s Sandwich Shop is located in Crouch End, a walk along the high street down from Finsbury Park station (on the Picadilly line).

I got to meet one of their most beloved customers, a gorgeous black Labrador called Whiskey, who will capture a crowd’s attention by performing tricks for treats. Max’s Sandwich shop is one of those rare spots in London where you’re greeted like family, be it your first or 100th visit.   

I Heart Oatly

My love for Oatly just keeps on growing. It’s the best milk for coffee, they brought vegan crème fraise to supermarkets and their vanilla custard is now my new favourite dessert ingredient. Whilst their main competitor Alpro is owned by dairy company Danone, Oatly is really committed to their ethical brand. Their goal is to deliver products with maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. They focus on oats. Not soy, not almonds and not cows. They know that their Swedish oats are not only a great, healthy ingredient but also provides the creamiest taste. 

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