The House of Peroni Residency – Coming this October

The House of Peroni Residency – Coming this October

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The venue was pretty and comfortable, just the right size for group. I enjoyed their beer and cocktails and under the guidance of our expert cocktail maker. All our own made cocktails naturally tasted great too. Overall it was a great experience helped along by the attentive and friendly staff


October might see like a long way off but it is not, before you know it we will hear of multiple Christmas light switch on events by a range of celebrities and the nights will get increasingly darker. Thankfully Peroni have an answer for this impending loss of summer with their second The House of Peroni’s multi-sensory residency in Brick Lane.

This time it will be based around the theme of the Italian home, giving visitors the chance to experience the scents, sounds, sights and most importantly the tastes of Italian home life.

In preparation for this the team at Peroni invited LDN Life to a mixology session at The Artesian Bar, The Langham, run by expert mixoligist Simone Caporale (award winning Assistant Head Bartender at the Artesian). Simone will be creating their innovative drinks menu inspired, of course, by his own home in Italy bringing the textures, flavours and scents alive in delicious drinkable fashion.

The room we met in was beautiful decorated with delicate purple butterflies, Peroni bottles lining the bar, with sweet and tasty aromas coming from little jugs nursing the different flavours of the Italian home. As soon as I entered a waiter put an ice cold Peroni in my hand, a fine example of Italian hospitality and a fantastic contrast to the hot muggy London day I’d just come in from.

All of the cocktails in the residency will include Peroni Nastro Azzurro as a key ingredient, I had never heard of using beer in a cocktail before but as Simone tells us the first examples of beer cocktails are hundreds of years old.

He starts by offering us the Peroni Negroni, the most popular cocktail from their last residency and my first chance to try a cocktail with beer. It has a very fresh taste, appropriate since it’s meant to be a pre-dinner drink, light and slightly sweet, the beer blends well with the rest of the flavours.

Then we had our chance to play with the flavours of the Italian home, picking from a large selection including: lemon, bergamot, elderflower, mint, carrot, sandalwood, cedar wood, cucumber and bee pollen. Some flavours from the kitchen, some from the garden. I was surprised to find that the cedar wood tasted sweet and that bee pollen made an appealing and fragrant topping to a drink. Experimenting with the flavours ourselves with guidance and help balancing flavour from Simone we each made our own Peroni cocktail.

Ours included the bergamot and cedar wood and tasted, if I may say so, quite good. We had the opportunity to taste the others’ creations and I can say that the flavours of the Italian home taste great in cocktail form!

I had a fantastic time exploring the smells and tastes of home life in Italy so if you’re looking to escape London for an evening pop down to Brick Lane from October 29th and let homely Italy tickle your fancy and your taste buds.

The House of Peroni Residency
152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU
29th Oct – 25th Nov

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