A Brief Review of Briefs

A Brief Review of Briefs

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We were all absolutely giddy with delight when we left the show and completely gutted it was over.

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Oh my God. Briefs was amazing. Beyond amazing. Anyone who doesn’t go should be jealoussssss (in-joke) of anyone who does.

This was my first boylesque show and from the opening number I was in awe. An ensemble piece of feathers choreographed to perfection to get you riled up for the forthcoming show. The boys doing the performing were amazing – it had just the right amount of sexiness to it to appeal to girls (straight) and boys (gay), but the entertainment was of such a high caliber that anyone not lusting over them – boys (straight) and girls (gay), would enjoy the show just as much. There was a heady mix of drag, burlesque, astounding circus skills and a massive dose of comedy.

Of course, if you did find them attractive, it provided that extra pinch of enjoyment. One boy in particular I think the entire audience fell in love with. Though I must say the host, Shivannah was phenomenal – funny and sassy and I think everyone was a big fan of him as well.

One thing I absolutely loved was the themes they chose and how they could rinse entertainment from very ordinary things. Yes, there were a couple of aerial acts, but one of the best pieces involved one of the boys solving a Rubik’s cube and then performing with a yoyo! Hula hoops, which you might expect, were employed, but so were skipping ropes, which you probably wouldn’t.

Some of the pieces were totally off the wall. One was built around a dog show with each owner and their dog exhibiting very different styles – sleek, bling, trashy. I will not spoil the ending of that one but it was a shocker! They’re not afraid to push things a little but it’s all done in a very funny way. I never thought I would find the word ‘Banana’ so hysterical for example.

The finale to the show was by the Las Vegas King of Burlesque 2011 and created a total ‘splash’ with the audience as he did an aerial piece which involved cavorting around in a giant fountain of water. H.O.T.

We were all absolutely giddy with delight when we left the show and completely gutted it was over. And we saw the preview! I can only imagine it will be more and more finessed throughout its run. Briefs runs until 27th September at Wonderland at the Southbank Centre, but Do not wait. Go. More info and Tickets here


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