Tender App – Perfect for Promiscuous Foodies – Review

Tender App – Perfect for Promiscuous Foodies – Review

Tinder has changed the face of dating in capital, so there is little surprise that other companies are copying the simple swipe left and right action. Tender is exactly what you think it is: Tinder for food.

Like a recipe? Swipe right to save it and if not Swipe left to dismiss. Within 5 minutes I’d saved enough cake recipes to put the Women’s Institute out of business.

It is full of standard recipes and the weird and wonderful that you’ll have never heard of, some will sound awesome and others plan right bonkers or both. The excitement is in not knowing what is coming next.

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Most recipes show you the basic ingredients and you can click View Full Recipe which takes you through to the original website it was taken from.

Top tip: If you’re swiping left too much and it is getting you down, rather than giving up you can use search button on the top-right to filter the kinds of recipes that appear.

What we’d like to see: You’re going end up with LOADS of saved recipes very quickly! You can track them in the ‘My Cookbook’ tab, but it would be great if you could organise your own cookbook into sections and attach notes and pictures of your own version of your creation. Perhaps even take things further and be able to share these with other Tenders either in app or via other social networks.

For: Food lovers, indecisive cooks and people in relationships who still feel the need to swipe stuff left and right.

Not for: People who are looking for a recipe to cook now but are always holding out for the next best thing. If that’s you, you will likely pass out from starvation before you pick something.

Free: iOS and Android

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Tender is still in its infancy as an app but already shows a lot of promise and is a lot of fun. User beware: Tender will make you hungry for more and is full of temptation, but thankfully it won't get you in trouble with your other half for using it. Unless you're supposed to be on a diet.

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