The Cockatiel Club | New Bar Launch Review

The Cockatiel Club | New Bar Launch Review

If you are familiar with the London food scene you will have most probably heard of ‘Hello Darling’, which could very easily be the most Instagramable restaurant in Waterloo. You’ve also probably heard of the Darling House, hidden just above the restaurant; the house party style bar with its own library, lounge, kitchen and bathtub, all there to help you live out those lavish house party dreams you probably can’t afford to make a reality, where suddenly drinking in a bathtub is the best thing to have happened you all week, as opposed to any other time you drink in your bathtub.


Darling & Edge however doesn’t stop there in fulfilling the dreams of London millennials, now venturing into the realm only brave souls do – animal print decor. As of November the bottom layer of this instagramable sandwich turns from an old theatre storage room into the home to the The Cockatiel Club, a whimsical and animal print loving drinking den with an intimate cosy feel and the best tiger painting you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Adding to the theme and name of the venue are the cocktails, with unique pieces such as The Phoenix, boasting a combination of Amaretto, whiskey and brandy with chocolate and burnt orange bitters, and The Blue Macau with a lovely mixture of Aviation Gin, Maraschino, Lemon Juice, Creme de Violette and Krupnik, among many others. If you don’t feel like cocktails, well, champagne on ice is also an option!

The building definitely has everything for everyone, whether its to have a lovely dinner, pretend to have a debauched houseparty, or some cosy drinks after a long day of work.
For more information to go:
Address: 131 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8UL
Opening times: 5pm – midnight
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