Vegan fish n chips delivery launched

Vegan fish n chips delivery launched

Vegan restaurant by Chloe launches vegan fish n chips delivered straight to your door!

by Chloe has today announced the launch of it’s much-loved vegan fish n chips across all of their London delivery locations.

The delivery has been launched to meet the huge demand for the popular dish and part of a new “fish-free-Friday” initiative.

The New-York founded plant-based restaurant based in Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and Oxford St is proud of it’s vegan fish’n’chips and has become one of their most iconic signature dishes.

The dish is so popular at by Chloe it will now for the first time feature in its delivery locations across London. Fish-Free Fridays aim to encourage people to ditch fish on Fridays in favour of a more sustainable alternative.

During the coronavirus pandemic by Chloe has carefully launched a number of new delivery kitchens to meet the daily demand for home delivery.

by Chloe’s exclusive fish n chips dish will also be available for a special discounted price every Friday, with 10% off or 2 for £14.50 with a drink.

The dish features pressed tofu in crunchy batter, chips, mushy minted peas and “vegenaise” tartare sauce. The look and texture is incredibly similar to traditional fish, with a crunchy batter & served with a generous dollop of tartare sauce.

Brand partner Loui Blake said: “Our fish n chips is one of our best-selling dishes in London. With so many people replacing animal products in favour of plant-based, we’re incredibly pleased to be able to offer a more sustainable take on a national favourite. Fish-Free Fridays will help raise awareness of the immediate need to reduce our impact on the oceans, highlighted by recent reports which show a rapid & increasing depletion of marine life.

“National geographic released a report which suggests if current trends continue, we could see fishless oceans by 2049. As a plant-based restaurant, we are passionate about helping people discover an alternative and play a role in helping curtail such a trajectory, whilst enjoying delicious and exciting food!”

Fish-Free Friday offers will be available across three London stores at Tower Bridge, Oxford Circus and Covent Garden, as well as delivery locations in Crouch End, Victoria and Clapham. The deal is available throughout October, with supporting ocean conservation data published across by Chloe. social channels.

by Chloe, part of the QOOT Group of restaurants and originally from New York, is known for serving delicious and hearty vegan dishes in a relaxed and casual environment.

by CHLOE doesn’t compromise on flavour, taste or satisfaction and uses locally-sourced ingredients and fresh dishes, which are all made in-house every day by their team of talented chefs.

Popular dishes include the Burger Like Beckham (Guac Burger), Quinoa Taco Salad, and Avocado Pesto Pasta, which are all free of animal products and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours.


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