As the weather gets cold I am sure it is tempting for a lot of us to do what we’ve already done a lot of this year; stay in, watch Netflix on the couch, and not go out. However, as one of our favourite Holidays approaches it would be a shame to not give it the justice it deserves and celebrate it in style! To help us with that, and add some spookiness this October, Forbidden Forest Cinema has transformed a warehouse in Peckham into a scary dark forest for this Halloween, allowing viewers to watch their favourite horror movie classics, or experience new favourites, in the atmosphere they were meant to be.

Are you brave enough to enter the Forbidden Forest Cinema? 3

Running from the 23rd of October until the 8th of November, Forbidden Forest Cinema has a great lineup of old classics such as; The Blair Witch Project, The Shining, Labyrinth, The Craft, as well as some newer recent additions to the genre, including Us and Get Out. For those who are a bit faint of heart but still love a good Halloween outing, Moana is also available.
No cinema is complete without classic snacks such as popcorn, which will be on sale at the on-site bar with a selection of beers, ciders and wine. Pop-up Screens also ensures it follows all the necessary COVID precautions, including pod seating to ensure the safety of all guests. Fortunately, cinemas are allowed to operate past the 10 pm curfew, meaning your horror movie viewing ambience won’t be disturbed.
The cinema will be located at 133 Copeland Road Peckham, SE15 3SN, in Peckham Rye and tickets can be purchased here.