The Flavour Club, much more than a Spanish Wine Club

The Flavour Club, much more than a Spanish Wine Club

I love Spanish food and wine but I admittedly I rarely go much further than Rioja or chorizo apart from on my seemingly annual visits. So when I was invited to the grand opening of ‘The Flavour Club’ back in August, I got a little bit over excited. The Flavour Club promises to passport to discover the authentic flavours, culture, and heritage of Spain. So as a man who is firmly influenced by his stomach and who no longer works round the corner from Borough market (probably a good thing), this really appealed.

The launch evening took place at Messum´s Fine Art Gallery which also hosts ‘Start A Collection’, well worth a look if you want to become a budding art collector. Aside from the amazing wines and food on show, the night included a presentation of some of the best wines from Ribera del Duero and Rueda, an area I knew little about, I learnt about the miles of tunnels, some of which they use to store the wines.

Both the wine and food screamed of quality, quality I wanted to know more about.The Flavour Club

I admit, I was sold, not by some pushy sales person, overly enthusiastic owner or by being bribed in some way, but simply but the concept and the quality.

The Flavour Club will provide you with a monthly food and wine package, every month you will discover unique wines and exclusive artisan foods from Spain. But there is more thought put into it than simply bundling it altogether, thankfully they pair the wine with the unique foods they source from the small artisan producers. So if I was hosting a dinner party, I could in theory at least wow my guests with my perceived knowledge, my savvy selection and of course the flavours. You don’t to sign up to a monthly delivery, but as you would expect it is cheaper if you decide to buy regularly.

So if you want to discover Spain´s authentic flavours, its heritage, try lesser known areas and what it has to offer, The Flavour Club is well worth a try.

Visit: and discover a whole new side of Spain. Or visit their blog to find out more about where they get the inspiration from.

Update: We’ve spotted a deal on Wowcher from the Flavour Club that looks like a great introduction to the concept at a very compelling price. (Valid until 12/03/2014)


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