Jameson Irish Whiskey ‘Sunday Senses’ TASTE – Dalston Roof Park – Interview

Jameson Irish Whiskey ‘Sunday Senses’ TASTE – Dalston Roof Park – Interview

The Jameson Irish Whiskey ‘Sunday Senses’ season at Dalston Roof Park closes on Sunday 15th September with a series of experimental edible treats focused on the sense of TASTE. Beginning with a feast, designed especially for the occasion, this unique lunch. But as the sun comes down the TASTE extravaganza will end with a rooftop party, wrapping up their ‘Sunday Senses’ series. This Sunday Senses TASTE is also part of Urban Food Fortnight, a celebration of the food grown and produced in London organised by Ethical Eats and Capital Growth.

So London Life UK decide to catch up with the team behind the Sunday Series and find out a bit more about why we should take a trip to Dalston on a Sunday afternoon.

What is your pop up?

Jameson Sunday Senses is inspired by the multi-sensory exploration of the Jameson drinking experience. Each event of the series focused on a different sense – TOUCH, SMELL, SIGHT, SOUND and TASTE – and took place at DalstonRoof Park.

Why did you decide to set it up?

We wanted to work with Dalston Roof Park for a while and they were keen to see a programme developed to bring their Sundays to life.

What makes your Pop Up so special/Unique?

Sunday Senses draws on Whiskey & Words, a concept launched last Spring. Whiskey & Words brings together cult (we had Drive’s author James Sallis, Joe Dunthorne who wrote Submarine, Nikesh Shukla..) and up and coming (i.e. Ben Brooks) writers as well as musicians (Anushka, Marques Toliver) for unique, interactive evenings in book shops and other unexpected locations. For Sunday Senses we wanted to include Whiskey & Words for some of the sessions but also open the concept to other talents and actors of the East London cultural scene. i.e. The Robin Collective, The Russet, Blanch & Shock, NTS, The Vinyl Library, the amazing Seb Sussman, Odette Toilette..

What is your favourite memory so far?

We have many! All in all it’s great to see the crowd interactive with unusual experiences. We are trying to bring something new to the table. The SMELL olfactive screening was quite a fun one.
What is your signature drink etc?

The super talented guys at Background Bars have created delicious exclusive cocktails for the series – Jamie’s and the Garden Pea. Then, the Pickleback is a classic – a shot of pickle juice followed by a shot of Jameson.

Why should we come and visit you?

Dalston Roof Park is a brilliant location – and our Feast will be a pretty unique way to explore the sense of Taste! Great party later in the day too, with the NTS crew.

Aside from yourselves what are you favourite Pop Ups?

National Burger Day, Skate King’s Cross, Young Turks at 10 Bells last year, Platterform…

And finally what exciting events, news etc. have you got coming up? (Would you like us to write a review? If so please provide details of the event)

Follow Jameson on twitter for more like-minded events this autumn and winter. Then, Jameson Cult Film Club will also be back later this autumn.

For tickets visit: http://billetto.co.uk/sundaysenses

Or for more about Dalston roof park: www.dalstonroofpark.co.uk

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