Surbiton Food Festival 2017

Surbiton Food Festival 2017

The Surbiton Food Festival is a celebration of place, produce, and people. Don’t think sleepy zone 6 commuter town, think a two week festival with three showcase events; the Seething Sardine Festival, the Surbiton Village Fete, and the Seething Community Sports Day and Picnic. Last year, saw thousands enjoying a special fortnight of food, drink, events, and celebrations. Residents and visitors discovered the previously hidden local delights , and five new companies began trading all year round as a result!

There’s loads going on, but here’s a quick look at the main events.

Sunday 7th May

1.00pm – 6.00pm

The Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival

Claremont Gardens, The Crescent KT6 4BN


This slight mad, but wonderful event is one for the diary. “One of Surbiton’s finest ancient traditions has now been firmly embedded into its Food Festival. Since sardines were reintroduced to the Thames in 2005, following decades of regrettable absence, the community’s finest fishermen have been selected each year to deliver the Mighty Catch, witnessed by stunned onlookers from miles around.

This is followed immediately by the always-spectacular Seething Villagers’ Sardine Procession, with the magic of the inevitably epic trawl celebrated at the annual Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival & BBQ, taking place over the course of the day. Bands and entertainment complement the fishy delights, arts and crafts help bring out the town’s creative side, and a well served bar ensures everyone is able to thank the town’s fisherman heroes by buying them a drink.”

All day [1.00pm – 6.00pm]: Food, stalls, entertainment & charity bar at Claremont Gardens

3.00pm – The famous Mighty Catch at Queen’s Promenade by Raven’s Ait island

3.30pm – Seething Villagers’ Sardine Procession from Queen’s Promenade to Claremont Gardens

4.00pm – Sardine BBQ at Claremont Gardens

The Surbiton Village Fête and Dry Hopped Beer Festival

St Andrew’s Square, KT6 4EA

Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th May

12.00pm – 6.00pm


A celebration of the enormous diversity offered by the local community. Expect stalls to be dotted across St Andrew’s Square, full of food and drink,  plus a strong musical line up of local bands and artists providing the soundtrack to the weekend. Meanwhile a wide range of businesses will be selling a wide range of tasty delights. 

There will also be a host of demonstrations and workshops for adults and children, while everyone has a means of getting involved through the huge range of culinary competitions.

Finally my 3 favourite local pubs. The Lamb, The Antelope, and The Black Lion combine like a mighty power ranger of ale,  to deliver London’s only Dry Hopped Beer Festival, serving a beautiful range of ales, all from CAMRA-recognised Local Suppliers and with all profits going to charity.


Finally the Seething Community Sports Day, Picnic and Fun Dog Show

Saturday 20th May 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Victoria Recreation Ground, Balaclava Road, KT6 5JL

While the Surbiton Food Festival has ensured that most are now aware of the town’s awesome capacity for food, fun, and festivity, many still fail to appreciate the incredible level of sporting prowess found among the townspeople. Expect incredible athleticism and dexterity of our three legged racers, to the ice cool composure of our egg-and-spoonists, all the way to the event everyone will have been waiting, the head-turning aesthetic beauty of our male Drag Racers.

The Seething Community Sports Day gives the public the chance to witness sporting elegance and achievement within a charming local atmosphere. With each event ultimately dictating which of the village’s ancient guilds are declared the Seething Sports Stars – culminating in a spectacular town-wide Tug O’ War – anyone can come along and join in. Cheesemakers, Water Carriers, Taxidermists, or Talcum Miners –  who will reign supreme?

Sports events are complemented by more great stalls, entertainment, and bar, while the Fun Dog Show presents canines the opportunity to enter the spirit of friendly competition.     

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