Seriously quick bacon in your mouth

Seriously quick bacon in your mouth

I love bacon, and almost everyone loves bacon! Bacon is the giver of life and comfort on a rainy and hungover Sunday morning. However, I don’t have bacon as much as I would like, as the days of my mum bringing me bacon sandwiches are long gone and the last thing I want to do is clean up afterwards. Living in London, I want everything now and without consequence. If I was brave/stupid I’d put the bacon in the frying pan and go for a shower, ready to slap in a bun and leave the house or return to the sofa, but at best I’d likely burn it to a crisp.

Back in those days of bacon butties on tap, Danepak was bacon to me, but in this day and age of social media there was until recently no “official” community for bacon lovers to be kept in the know. Thankfully this changed in 2015 with the Serious Bacon Club which now has over 75,000 bacon lover fans on Facebook.   Danepak are the obvious custodians of this club and have just launched a series of videos to support the club and of course their products.

The one that stood out for me was the ‘Rapid Rasher’ a microwavable pack of bacon. At first, I thought of this as some kind of voodoo or sacrilege, but when you start to think about the lack of clean up required and the speed at which the bacon can get in your mouth, all is forgiven and forgotten.

Having a pack in the fridge would mean guilt(ish) free, bacon on demand. I could even set it off, have a  shower and have it eaten before I was even dressed.

So now you can get trapped by a falling tree and still enjoy a bacon sandwich, how about that for convenience? (Microwave within arms reach permitting of course)

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