London Savings at Supper Time with JUST-EAT

We’re always on the look out for smarter ways to save a few pennies, and the best methods are usually the ones that keep costs down whilst making London life just that little bit easier at the same time. We can all save money by scrimping and saving and cutting back on all of life’s luxuries, but the smart money is saved by making use of all those services which speed things up, keep costs down, and generally get us to where we want to be quicker and more cheaply than we could have by ourselves.
That is why at London Life UK we just can’t get enough of JUST-EAT, and their brilliant track record of bringing us the best feasts at reassuringly affordable prices.

But how exactly can a takeaway dinner really be a money saving option? Surely everyone on a budget knows that the first thing to go is the home delivery dinners? And that is true, pretty much all of the time, except that it doesn’t take into account the way JUST-EAT is able to deliver new customers to its businesses, and how their system can result in savings for all. And with JUST-EAT bringing new customers through the door, many restaurateurs are finding that they are able to offer a 20% discount on the orders they receive through the online service, and still turn a good profit. Check the site, and you are bound to find more than a handful in your area that are involved. That’s pretty good for starters, isn’t it?

They also runs more than their share of competitions and promotions which usually take place via social media, giving you prizes of vouchers and discounts on your next order. So, awhile you’re obviously never going to win every time, the entry is free so it’s always worth a look. They are also pretty funny on Twitter and we’ve had some great fun with them over the past year, our favourite was the Jaffa cake biscuit discussion, so they are well worth a follow.

Finally, if you use the JUST-EAT website to get feedback on the best services in your area, you can discover some top quality meet-the-chefs-hovergourmet food for high street prices. So we’ve started a mission to try the winning Chinese takeaways from JUST-EAT’s recent London Tried & Tasted 2014 consumer awards. This year, the accolades also went to: Camden’s Shanghai ExpressMoon Lee in Tower Hamlets and Jade Palace, Crouch End, as well as Pan of Asia in WimbledonChinese Chef on Ealing Broadway and Yau`s Oriental Delight in SE25. The quality speaks for itself, and makes each one a bargain in its own right. So don’t write off takeaways as a costly extravagance just yet. It’s all about knowing where to look for the best deals.


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