The hemp hype train (or boat in this case) shows no signs of slowing down. The LDN Life inbox is inundated with so many press releases that we are considering given them their own folder. 

But this free botanical boat experience caught our attention because, well it’s free and it involves boats.

So between August 14th and September 1st the self proclaimed ‘UK’s most loved hemp brand’, Good Hemp, is inviting crews of 7 people to enjoy the summer in a different way – by being the captain of their own boat on London’s famous canals while enjoying a hemp-inspired picnic. If that doesn’t sound like the peak of your Summer – perhaps  you need to rethink your priorities. (Or we do)
Launching at the annual Floating Market at Paddington Central, the entire experience is completely focused on sustainability, starting from the GoBoats, produced in Denmark and powered by low emission, rechargeable electric motors, to the vegan hampers filled with Good Hemp milk coffees, shakes and brownies. If you didn’t know (and we didn’t), hemp milk is one of the most environmentally friendly milks on the planet and breathes 4 times more CO2 than trees! It is also packed Omega 3, 6 and 9, with one glass of hemp milk containing more than twice the Omega 3 than a tuna steak.
In conclusion, why not start a weekend off with a beautiful hemp-inspired ride across the canals, getting your fill of healthy Omegas before heading off to your casual day of Summer drinking etc.
For more information on Good Hemp go to their site at:
Tickets for the amazing boat extravaganza can be found on Eventbrite for free: