Nothing More – Dingwalls Camden Review

Nothing More – Dingwalls Camden Review

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Nothing More's latest album is great and there's no surprise that it is up for a Grammy. That said, they are even better live. Add them to your list for 2018.


It took 14 years for Nothing More to hit the big time, so you could say they’re the epitome of never giving up. With three Grammy Award nominations for, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for “Go to War”, and Best Rock Album for The Stories We Tell Ourselves, the band was obviously in good spirits and ready to put on a show for a packed crowd at Dingwalls.

Nothing More Camden

In front of a sold-out venue on a cold December night in Camden, Jonny told the crowd that they’d have to get a bigger stage, but in truth, they’re gonna need bigger venues from now on, regardless of whether they win or not.

Nothing More Camden

Their expansive stage presence where Jonny and the band barely stand still for more than a few seconds is almost exhausting to watch, and the Blue Man Group like song with a bizarre half engine, half instrument object was a sight to behold.

Their new album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ certainly feels more accessible and ‘mainstream’ than their previous albums, but in a way that doesn’t stray too far away from their roots. Since the gig, I’ve made a point of listening to their earlier material and it explains the heavy nature of their support acts ‘In Search Of Sun’ & ‘Psycho Village’ who have toured with them previously.

Nothing More was excellent live, in fact, their music seemed even better combined with their larger than life stage presence. I’d recommend adding them to Spotify and keeping a lookout for their next UK tour dates. Failing that, don’t be surprised if they’re near the top of the billing when Summer festival season comes around.


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