Meantime – Now you can!

Meantime – Now you can!

When Meantime emailed me and said ‘Hey Adam, want some of our new cans to review’, I said sure, send them my way.

But when they arrived, I had a sudden realisation that I didn’t have a clue what to write about. I’ve drank plenty of none canned Meantime and always found them quite agreeable, though if I was to be picky, I’ve never been a fan of their curvy pint glass.

MeanTime Beer

So I did what any good blogger friend would do when I don’t have a clue what to write about. I took them to a village fate and handed out to my friends, so they could tell me what to write, whilst they all thought I was being kind and sharing. Cunning (or so I thought).

The general consensus was that they tasted different some how, with most saying they were better than they remember. Most said they would be more likely to buy them now they are in can form. The kicker, even though 330ml cans are big in the craft beer scene. The northerner in me always gets put off by them not being at least 440ml. That said, every time I had one, they weren’t a horrible warm blugh by the end, so you could say I’m a convert.

So If you are a fan of Meantime, stubby cans and drinking outside in summer, you should go and buy some! 🙂

You can see the range and buy them via the meantime website


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