Father’s Day is fast approaching and with it that age-old conundrum of what the hell to get your dad. So if your dad like’s a tipple of quality spirits, then this is our LDN Life guide to what to buy. All of these have been personally ‘vetted’ for quality, but with all things, people and dads have different tastes. Hopefully, one of these stands out and solves your conundrum. If you’re really stuck, you can always buy the one you like and drink it for him when it’s still on the shelf at Christmas.

So let’s start with whiskey.

1. Ardbeg Drum Limited Edition (Featured picture)

This whiskey is from Islay’s renowned distillery was launch on 1st June and is a limited edition whisky that’s been conditioned it ex-rum barrels. If your dad is a fan of peaty whiskey, then they will really enjoy sipping on a dram of the smoky, peppery, spicy flavours that include: clove, liquorice, ginger, dark chocolate and smoked vanilla. Put simply it is absolutely delicious and so it should be for £99, but if you can afford it, it is worth every penny. So if you want a whiskey that gets brought out on special occasions then this is the one. Visit their shop.


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2. Sacred Spirits –  Sacred Peated English Whiskey

The team at Sacred Spirits have been creating amazing gins for years, but it’s their more recent English Whiskey that I keep coming back for. This unusual Whisky from bourbon barrels is recasked in London for further maturation and flavour development in sherry hogsheads. Visit their shop



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Gin for a man? Well yes, as the types and flavours continue to increase, the more and more men are getting into gin. So if your dad is a gin-loving man, then here are our top picks. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to a bottle for a present buying job well done.

3. Fishers Gin – A coastal delight

If you’re looking for a gift that has a real connection to the British coast, then look no further than Fishers Gin. We tried it a few weeks ago on the London Shell Co restaurant barge and again since in case we were too taken with the theme. Thankfully it was as nice and coastal as we remember. Works well with tonic, but even better for the more adventurous cocktail makers. Visit Masters of Malt



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4. Cabin Pressure – The small batch wonder

Looking for the next big thing and want to buy a gin before it hits the big time? Cabin Pressure gin has all the hallmarks of a gin brand that’s going places. Plus if you can get hold of one of their ultra small batch specials, like their recently launched Rose Gin. You can make fathers day all the more special for a gin-loving dad who will be supping one that few will have tried before or indeed again. Talk about exclusivity. Visit their shop.


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Last but not least some vodka with a difference.

5. Rock Rose Holy Grass Vodka

Rock Rose Holy Grass Vodka isn’t just another vodka and it’s made by another gin maker and while their gin is fantastic. It’s their vodka we want to tell you about. Dunnet Bay Distillers are based in the most northern county of Scotland, where (we are guessing) that there is little to do other than make award-winning spirits and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Holy Grass is found on the banks of Thurso River, Holy Grass gives this Vodka a wonderful, unique taste. It was used for basket weaving and even used on church floors to give a sweet, vanilla smell when walked over. If you do buy a bottle, then make sure you also buy one of the glasses, which are a work of art in their own right.


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Bonus: They also have a Cold Brew Coffee edition. Using coffee from their favourite coffee roasters, Ovenbird Coffee, they created a velvety, smooth coffee edition. Using 6 years aged “Old Brown Java” beans, it apparently infuses lovely dark chocolate and vanilla notes from the beans. Yum. Visit their shop.

So there you have it. Ardbeg Drum might just top our list, but these are all my current favourite spirits that I have consumed either during my LDN Life blogging and reviewing travels or in my daily life. I’d be happy to be gifted any of them.