Saturday 23rd November sees one of our favourite food bloggers ‘Grumblings From A Greedy Girl’  hosts a very special American Thanksgiving pop-up evening in Tooting Market.

As you have read probably read on these very pages before, we are big fans of Tooting Market as a Pop Up space, which has recently hosted sell-out Mexican and Filipino events. This Pop Up promises to offer guests the excessive, outrageous hospitality that the States are synonymous with in a unique and exciting setting.

London Life UK were lucky enough to catch up with the brains behind Grumblings From A Greedy Girl, Amy Berman, to find out more about this mouth-watering event.

So what is your pop up? The pop-up will offer guests the excessive, outrageous hospitality that the States are synonymous with in a unique and exciting setting. And just in time for the holiday season! Guests will delight in a three course dinner, American-inspired cocktails, Man vs. Food style challenges, games, music and more!

Why did you decide to set it up?  It’s something I have wanted to do for a very long time and with the team behind me who curated such great events as the Filipino and Mexican pop-ups, I knew now was the right time to go ahead. I absolutely love to cook and share my over the top hunger with people, so I hope the pop-up is able to show that effectively!

What makes your pop up so special/unique?I will be offering guests my own unique and playful interpretation of Thanksgiving Dinner classics – from sweet potato soup topped with chilli marshmallows to turkey & cranberry burgers on cornbread buns, this is a Thanksgiving like no one has ever seen before.
Where can we normally find you? I work full time in food and restaurant PR and I also run my own blog. If I’m not writing or reviewing, I am guaranteed to be eating – either exploring the fantastic food on offer around London or cooking something up in my Highbury kitchen.

Why did you choose Tooting? Having been to the previous pop-up, Tooting Market as a venue is clearly special, unique and underused! There is also a bit of a spotlight on Tooting at the moment with lots of exciting new restaurant openings so being in SW17 made sense!  

What is your signature/favourite dish and drink etc? The sweet potato soup with chilli marshmallows is something truly special and I am proud to be showcasing it for the first time at the pop-up.

Why should we come and visit you? I love food. I know food. I understand food. Most importantly, I think food should be fun and bring people together. We hope that is what the pop-up will be able to show. 

Aside from yourselves what are you favourite Pop Ups? The Filipino pop-up I visited recently, also at Tooting Market, was phenomenal – great flavours, really fun event and unique setting

And finally what other exciting events, news etc. have you got coming up? Watch this space – much more food writing and reviews and hopefully plenty more American pop-ups, Greedy Girl style!

So if this sounds like your kind of Pop Up, we are told the tickets are selling out fast, you can get yours via Eat my world