Fancy something dishy this Valentines? The ‘Valentino’ Oyster could be for you!

Fancy something dishy this Valentines? The ‘Valentino’ Oyster could be for you!

Stuck for what to do? Love Oysters then you could give ‘Valentino’ oysters a try, which are available exclusively at Gow’s, London. This could be the perfect aphrodisiac and ideal to sweeten a Valentine’s dinner for two. You’ll be presented with five oysters, served warm in the shell, delicately smothered with a cool chilli, lemon and raspberry sorbet.

For those that don’t know, Gow’s has been a favourite city haunt for more than 125 years, particularly known for seafood and an as there are part of Balls Brothers you won’t be surprised to hear they also have an extensive food-friendly wine list. Created by Head Chef at Gow’s, David Oliver Jordan, the ‘Valentino’ oyster has been tipped as a truly sensual treat for lovers and foodies alike.

If you can’t make it down to Gow’s this loved up season, why not make it at home and impress your special guest or yourself.

Valentino Oysters
6 Oysters
150g Raspberry frozen sherbet
Handful of fresh raspberries
Fresh mint leaves
100g of cream potatoes

1. Make the frozen sherbet. Get the dry sherbet, roll it out in long squares. Cut the squares, then place each square between silicone parchment paper.

2. Freeze for two hours.

3. Shuck the oysters. Place oysters on a very hot, preheated grill, cover and cook for 5-6 minutes or until the edges of oysters curl slightly. Should feel firm to the touch.

4. Break shards of the sherbet off and lay over the oyster, the sharpness of the sherbet and the saltiness of the oyster go so well together.

5. Serve Immediately.

After reading that we think we might stick with heading to Gow’s, but we’ve always been better at eating food than making it.

If the Oyster bar isn’t for you they also have a and bistro where you can also enjoy a more casual meal, including classics like Fish & Chips or Fish Pie. Alternatively, you could linger longingly over a bottle from the extensive food-friendly wine list in the their basement restaurant.

For more info visit their website

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