Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory

Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory

Kitchen Theory have been researching and working on their latest experimental dining event series which is called ‘Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory’ – a 9 course Japanese inspiredkaiseki by kitchen theory 2 dinner in collaboration with New York based award-wining designer and calligraphy artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. 

Kaiseki, also known as kaiseki-ryōri, is the name given to a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner service and can be traced as the origins of the western concept of tasting menus.

The 9 course menu draws on the philosophical, cultural, artistic and multi-sensory elements of Kaiseki; while also tying in their more western, modern culinary experience to create a fusion experimental dining experience. The multi-course menu is inspired by Aerosyn-Lex’s short film ‘Scriptura Vitae’, commissioned by Channel 4, which will be screened at the Grub Club. Aerosyn-Lex has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Fashion House KENZO.

Expect an edible Japanese garden, a consommé with an everlasting noodle to represent eternal life, an interesting array of Japanese style pickles, and a ‘Land of the rising sun’ dessert. The experimental dining experience will be running through February and March at the amazing venue House of Wolf in Islington. For more information and exact dates, or to book view here.

Sample Menu:

Hassun- ‘Night garden’ selection of appetisers

Mukozuke- Sashimi with smoked dashi pearls

Owanomono- Mushroom consomme with an everlasting Tofu noodle

Yakimono- Selection of Yakitori grills

Sunimono- Seaweed salad

Agimono- Tempura selection

Konomono- Nukazuke (Japanese style pickles)

Gohan- uruchimai (Japanese rice) squid ink risotto

Mizumonno- ‘Land of the rising sun’ dessert

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