Busan BBQ – “AmeriKorean” Street Food – Interview (Updated)

Busan BBQ – “AmeriKorean” Street Food – Interview (Updated)

We love food and we love twitter, so when we came across Busan BBQ on Twitter we naturally got excited. Thankfully they also got excited when they saw us, so we caught up with Da-Hae and Gareth to discuss this amazing sounding concept.

So what can we expect from you?

We are an AmeriKorean street food trailer. Think delicious burgers in a sweet soy marinade, super crispy Korean chicken and sweet, sticky, spicy pork belly buns…

Why did you decide to set it up?

After trying his first bulgogi burger, Gareth found that he couldn’t just stop at one….and then went on to eat a further two in the same sitting… we thought that other people would feel the same!

What makes your trailer so special/unique?

We think we have the perfect balance of mixing Korean spices and marinades married with the irresistible juiciness of an amazing burger or crispy fried chicken. Result = Simply Awesome.

Da-Hae and Gareth testing out the AmeriKorean recipes for www.busanbbq.co.uk

Where can we normally find you?

We will be visiting markets all around London – Updates on twitter for the latest.


What is your signature/favourite dish and drink etc?

Our signature dish is definitely our Bulgogi Burger this was our first attempt at combining Korean food with Western food, and we think it is the ultimate meaty burger!

Why should we come and visit you?

We are a husband and wife team who simply love food. Our intension is simply to serve good food for a good price and to have fun doing it!

Aside from yourselves what are you favourite Pop Ups?

Jimmy’s Pop-Up that has been running out of DVine Wines in Clapham. We went to their burgers and Bordeaux evening and both the atmosphere and food were truly amazing!

Where can we find you?

We’ll be kicking off at North Finchley Artisan Market on 17th August from 10am till 3pm with our juicy bulgogi burgers, sweet and spicy belly pork buns with mooli slaw, Korean fried chicken with a choice of sticky garlic soy sauce or sweet chilli mariandes and sides of salads and of course kimchi!

For the latest news and updates about Busan BBQ, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or bookmark their website, which is coming soon. Or of course check back on our website, as we will be keeping up with their progress.
 You can also read their latest interview with their first pitch for more info and pictures here.

Where should they Pop-Up?  Tell us in the comments below.

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