London Life UK – a look back at July (and a bit of June)

London Life UK – a look back at July (and a bit of June)

Wow what a month! We had sun for a start, which was very welcome even though it tailed off toward the end, but even though we probably did, we shouldn’t complain. More importantly the sun is back now and it is HOT!!!

But for us at London Life UK Towers (or should we say couch) we had an amazing month, the plan originally was to start things slowly in June and build things up through July and beyond, but what we didn’t expect was the amazing response to what we are trying to achieve. It is still earlier days, but nearly 2000 visitors have already enjoyed great posts from INNsidetrack about visiting every tube station in the order they opened and of course visiting pubs at each one. Speaking of Pubs we dipped our toes into a bit of campaigning with the save the Wheafsheaf campaign, which has been saved from the evil claws of supermarket chains (for now at least)

We also had a great story about Books on the Underground (which was our most visited story) and a film review of The Bling Ring. Plus agreat interviews with Busan BBQ, whose Amerikorean Street food idea is making me clock watch until they open.

Yummy Choo’s inspired us with their amazing cuisine and their bringing the ‘Beach to Balham’ Pop up on 2nd August looks like amazing fun. Then there’s BackDoor Kitchen, They have now featured three times, with a preview of their BackDoor Salon in Brixton, an interview and a great review by Hungry Female. We now feel like we know them, even though we haven’t met yet, Hopefully we will get down to their final day this Sunday for a cocktail or 2.

We also had some great content from the guys at Edible Experiences, providing BackDoor Kitchen info and some juicy pictures, we hope this is the start of a beautiful and fruitful working relationship, but time will tell. (We’ll remember to credit your pictures, promise)

And finally we got some help from our Twitter followers to do a guide for last weekend with suggestions from OhSo_London, Bonny Boutique and Beth Hunt.

So what have we got planned for August? Well because we rely on Bloggers who want to both contribute to something pretty cool (If we do say so ourselves) and of course promote themselves and their own blogs. In sort we really don’t know, however as part of our Pop Up Interview series we have the lovely girls from A Grape Night In, which will be going up any day and some others who we will simply tease you about for now.

Finally we are starting to get invited to lots of cool events, but we simply don’t have the time to go to all of them, but we are looking forward to a Spanish food and wine company launch and meeting fellow Bloggers on a boat on the Thames next week.
If you want to get involved, please get in touch, we are always looking for stories, reviews etc. about London. Oh and please make comments below if you have suggestions and click on the links above!


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