Is this the best Burrito in London?

Is this the best Burrito in London?

Well London Life UK regular blog Cordelia believe’s she’s found the most delicious burrito in the city and she promises us that she wasn’t bribed in anyway when making this decision.

“I just headed down Mortimer Street, which turns into Goodge Street, thinking about picking up something to eat for my lunch today. I walked past the humongous queue sprouting from Benito’s Hat thinking, there must be a better option!

Luckily I stumbled upon a little piece of heaven in a side street on Goodge Place, packed with freestanding stalls which today included fish & chips, falafel wraps, Mexican burritos and Thai dishes.

To start with the Freebird Burrito staff were so, so friendly, and let me be really indecisive.. In the end I went for the chicken burrito (with guac for 60p extra) for £6.10 and oh my god it was amazing. I’ve never tasted one like it – the wrap was so fresh and actually added to the taste rather than just serving as an edible bag. The chicken is so dense with so many gorgeous flavours that I know I made the right choice! I wandered back past the static queue outside the mainstream burrito place, with quite a smug (while messy) look on my face..

I would recommend you go and find what I think is the best burrito in London at Freebird especially if the weather hopefully improves for a wander, and you will not be disappointed 🙂

Turns out Freebird don’t currently have a website, but while you wait for your Burrito you can give your email address for your chance to win free burritos for a year or follow them on twitter @freebirdburrito

Have you been to Freebird? Do you agree with Cordelia or do you have a suggestion you think is better? Perhaps we could start a ‘Battle of the Burrito’ a writing battle rather than a actual battle, as fun as a burrito food fight sounds it’s not going to very helpful now is it. (Adam, Editor)

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