What’s your #FuegoFace? BACARDÍ craze sweeps social networks

What’s your #FuegoFace? BACARDÍ craze sweeps social networks

So it appears the internet is winning again with The #FuegoFace becoming the latest amusing new craze since the last one.

People are currently throwing their “Personal Brand” out of the window by capturing and sharing the intense and rather funny moment when a fiery shot of BACARDÍ® Carta Fuego meets their and their friends taste buds.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with BACARDÍ Carta Fuego it’s the new red spiced rum spirit drink from BACARDÍ, that we featured in April this year. Since the launch of Fuego, Friday nights have never been the same, with people across London and beyond started uploading their very own “hot shot” under hashtag #MyFuegoFace.

The Fuego Face trend appears to be in response to a film BACARDÍ filmed of the real reactions to a shot of Fuego at a not to shabby two hundred frames per second.

As a result, people across London and beyond started uploading their very own “hot shot” under hashtag #MyFuegoFace.

Not Surprisingly BACARDÍ has since responded via its own social channels, announcing a hunt for the best #MyFuegoFace and the 20 most “interesting” faces will win Fuego Packs consisting of a bottle of BACARD Í Carta Fuego, shot glasses and a shot tray. I’m Bacardi_FuegoFace prize imagenot actually sure what constitutes interesting but I’m guessing it is closely linked to amusing.

To enter, simply take a photo of your Fuego Face and post your photo on Twitter or Instagram, tagging it with #MyFuegoFace. BACARDÍ will be reviewing all entries and will be in touch to confirm the winners. Click here for the Terms and Conditions. We’ve also created a wall of the current “Interesting Faces” below to help get your creative juices flowing.

Speaking of creative juices, if you want to take it really seriously you can buy BACARDÍ Carta Fuego most major supermarkets RRP of £21.00 for a 70cl bottle. Or in pubs and bars throughout the UK.

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