Sunday Best – London’s first Roast Potato Pop-Up

Sunday Best – London’s first Roast Potato Pop-Up

I want to hate branded Pop-Up experiences, but I’ve been to so many now that have actually been really good that I’ve become quite open to the concept. All of them are normally there to promote the launch or refresh of a product and this one from McCains is no different, but as a northerner in London, this one feels rather special.

McCain’s have teamed up with the Robin Collective, who have a cracking track record of creating brand experiences worth going to. Our very enjoyable visit to their The Cherry Rooms experience back in March getting a worthy mention.

So back to London’s first Roast Potato Pop-Up, what the hell could they do with Roast Potatoes that is tray roast potsworthy of a Pop-Up? Quite a lot actually and my favourite part (the entire reason I wrote this blog), the promise of a GRAVY Fountain!!!!! True my accent may have softened and I may love London Life, but my love of gravy has never diminished.

But of course there is more to it than a GRAVY Fountain! Ticket holders (The tickets are free btw) will embark on a journey through the seasons and enjoy Sunday dinner as you apparently have never seen or tasted before.

Taste experiences include roast potato kebabs, roast dinner ice-cream ‘Sundays’ and of course dip their new roasties into London’s first GRAVY FOUNTAIN! At the end of the event you’ll find yourself in a Christmas day themed feast and there will be more ‘flavour sensations’  which are yet to be revealed.

Sunday Best opens to the public on Friday 23rd October at 18 Maddox Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1PL and you’ll probably find me in the gravy fountain or being escorted out of the building (covered in gravy) depending what time you get there.

Check back for how to book tickets in a day or so or follow / tweet at McCain on Twitter for the latest info.


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