Rejoice and take the rest of the week off London Beer Week is here!!

Rejoice and take the rest of the week off London Beer Week is here!!

Sadly I’m not the divine giver of holiday, so if the headline got you excited I’m sorry.

But for those 68% of Adult Londoners who aren’t teetotal and like craft beers, ales, lagers or cider then this is possibly the single best excuse reason to drink (responsibly) this side of Christmas and Easter.

So with London as it’s canvas, beer as its 50 shades of brown paint and you as paintbrush (sounded better in my head) there are pop-ups, parties, masterclasses and self-guided Beer Tours around some of the best venues in the city. London Beer Week really has something for everyone as long as you’re not one of the 32% of course.

As with anything in London nothing is free and to get a pint of the action you’ll have to stump up £10 for a wristband, or £8 if you buy via Billetto but wearers of this magical band will allow you to enjoy speciality beers or boilermakers at near northern prices from over 100 of the best beer bars in town.

The majority of the bars are in Zone 1 and north of the river, which is fine but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for The Craft Beer Co. in Brixton and The Meantime Tasting Rooms in Greenwich which are a bit off to beat and path. It would be nice to see a much wider spread further out into other Zones as there are some fantastic pubs out it Zones 3, 4, 5 and even 6. For those who want to make this into a pub crawl, you can use their map to make your own and as long as you stick to Zone 1 ish you’ll be able to make a different route every night if you wanted to.

For those of you who see Beer as an education or as fun inducing juice, there’s plenty of events on during this week, The Hobo Saloon Pop-Up in the Carnaby Quarter looks like a great name for a pre-bar, bar.  The Big Flavour Beer Dinner laughs in the face of wine and shows you can pair beer with food as well as you can wine. At only £25 it also seems like a relative bargain and I’m surprised it hasn’t sold out. Finally, my fav on the list has to be UBREW, which is a brand new type of ‘Open brewery’ where you brew the beer. Apparently, it’s a new type of membership – an anti-gym if you will, as you get less fit the more you go.

So if any of this has got you excited about 5.30pm you can buy your wristbands here, you’ll receive deals and discounts across the capital, plus you’ll get a free London Bar Guide to help you plan your week!

P.s. I take no responsibility for any hangovers caused by this blog. Enjoy Responsibly and enjoy the #LBW15 social media stream below


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