Rascals: Drag Nights, Stargaritas & Plant Based Delights – Review

Rascals: Drag Nights, Stargaritas & Plant Based Delights – Review

With a décor best described as millennial pink meets woodland forest, Rascals (linked to Ballie Ballerson, the world-famous cocktail bar) is perfect for both date nights and girls’ nights. There is a buzzing, chic atmosphere and they host a variety of drag events throughout the week. I’m already gathering up my squad to book in for their Friday special, Drag Bingo. I spent Saturday night here for a fun, romantic evening with my boyfriend and Rascals proved to be the perfect destination.


The Food

Rascals have recently debuted its new Californian menu and 50% of it is plant-based. Rascals is all about their inclusive atmosphere and wanted vegans to feel just as welcome as their meat-eating diners. The food at Rascals is focused on quality and providing fresh flavoursome dishes.

My boyfriend and I exclusively ordered vegan dishes:

BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER WINGS – Spicy ‘wings’ served with a calming tofu ranch dressing. This healthy take on chicken wings proves that there’s no need for meat with flavours this good. I particularly loved the creamy ranch sauce.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

ROASTED AUBERGINE – I’m a total lover of roasted aubergine, pairing it with miso paste and pomegranate seeds is a lovely summer twist. I loved this as a light, healthy starter.

rascals vegan

MAC NO’ CHEESE – Thick and creamy, this Mac No’ Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. This dish is one of the more filling and indulgent options on the menu and goes super well with a side of charred broccoli.

Mac No' Cheese

SQUASH GNOCCHI – Not a hint of imitation cheese, this gnocchi embraces the sweetness of squash and balances it with sage and pumpkin seeds.

Squash Gnocchi

SWEET POTATO DOUGHNUTS – Delicious and virtually one of your five a day. Doughnuts that you’d never have guessed are made from sweet potato served alongside mango and caramelised pineapple. Reminiscent of sweet summer nights.

DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE – The best brownies I’ve ever tasted. Vegan brownies tend to struggle to find the balance between a crisp top and a gooey inside. Behind the scenes they tweaked this recipe so many times to ensure the perfect texture and taste. Served alongside a delicious raspberry sorbet, this dessert slays.

vegan Chocolate Brownie

Normally eating this much we’d feel stuffed and bloated, but with this light wholesome menu we left full and fuelled.

I’d also love to add that the service here is second to none, if you like to go out for a meal and leave feeling like the server is your new best friend, this is the place for you.

The Cocktails

With an impressive ‘Stargaritas’ list named after glamorous, trending celebs (“I’ll take a Gigi please”) and a bottomless margarita offer, you have no excuse but to lap up these delicious drinks. I ordered a Miley made from charcoal, mezcal and Cointreau. This was quirky and zesty, much like the vegan starlet.

Order the ‘Butter Me Up’ if you’re wanting to be amazed. Be warned, a fire extinguisher will be on the sidelines – just in case. With brandy, coffee and chestnut this is a boozy, warming treat.

If you let the staff know you’re vegan, they will be more than happy to amend any cocktail on the list. At Rascals, they will substitute the egg whites with a chickpea water formula, so there’s no compromise on that classic foam layer. It’s these small details that show how Rascals are happy to go the extra mile.

Kiss from a Rose cocktail
Kiss from a Rose

Have a Ball

After your meal and margaritas head over to the neighbouring bar Ballie Ballerson. With a built-in ball pit to get lost and play in, you’re guaranteed a fab night out. You’ll be waist deep in balls, even deeper if you fancy. It’s so easy to fall about in there, you may find yourself submerged. Make sure you remove any valuables before heading in – I saw one girl diving about looking for her missing ring!

Outside the pit, there’s crazy cocktails (think retro sweets, magic and glitter) and a dance floor to throw some shapes. If you’re looking to make memories, this is the place to go.

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