New York Subway Sensation ‘Too Many Zooz’ to Tube it in London

Chances are you’ve heard Too Many Zooz, if not actually seen them. Whether it be on YouTube, on a Beyoncé track or in a Google Advert about the Pixel 2.

Yup, these guys are so hot right now that if I met them, I would probably burn myself if I touched them. It only took all of about 10 seconds of listening to ‘Bedford’ (featured) to decide to write about their upcoming gig at Ronnie Scotts on 9th May.

Too Many Zooz feature the dancing sax wizard ‘Leo P’, ferocious percussionist ‘King of Sludge’ and nimble-fingered trumpeter Matt Doe. These guys met by chance, busking at Union Square Subway station in NYC.

Commuter-shot footage of their high-octane performances (below) went viral and before you (or they) knew it, the internet did its thing and the guys became a YouTube sensation.

As a result, Beyoncé  personally invited the band to her studio and subsequently perform on her Grammy-nominated album ‘Lemonade’.

So as they swap the Subway for the Tube and beyond, tickets are likely to be in high demand. You can  check availability and buy them here.

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