Martello Hall – Hackney’s latest cocktail bar and banquet hall

Martello Hall – Hackney’s latest cocktail bar and banquet hall

LDN life were invited to see the new incarnation of what was the London Fields pub, and as it’s my neck of the woods I volunteered to go and see what it was all about. The last time I was there, it was on a Friday night, at around midnight and even in my drunkenness I could remember the unpleasant aroma. It was all a bit grimy.20161202_185957_hdr

It has now been transformed into a very pretty and welcoming space – with an open kitchen in the back and a cosy little room upstairs. As well as the usual complimentary drinks, they were handing round samples of their menu, and I did my best to try a little of martello-hall-pizzaeverything. Some things were unusual and very good – torta fritta with charcuterie and cheese on it was a surprise and really delicious. The best thing I ate there. The ricotta and spinach balls with cheesy dip were too dry, as was the very hefty slice of sausage roll slice I had. I love sausage rolls but I didn’t finish this one.

There were several types of pizza on offer which did what pizza should do and I especially liked the one with salami and spring onion.

Chicken nuggets came with a pleasing mustardy sauce and the chips were fantastically crispy and obviously homemade – as was the ketchup which had a little warmth to it and which I really liked. Looking at the menu now I see it is nduja ketchup which probably explains the heat. Better not tell the vegetarian I was with! Wafers of fried bread were handed round with a cheese fonduta – in general, it was a cut above the normal pub fare.

I had another party to get to that night so I could only spend a couple of hours there, but I certainly saw enough to be impressed and to lure me back, especially as I need to try their gin distilled on-site! Visit their website for more info

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