Hidden near London Bridge, the Lost Love Speakeasy returns for yet another set of dazzling performances between July 26th and August 24th, after a previously seven-week sound run.

Prepare for an evening of enticing storytelling filled with dancing, jazz, and exquisite smokehouse food by none other than Neil Rankin, the Executive Chef of Temper Restaurants Group.

There are three menus one can choose from, including a six-course tasting menu, which boasts of Oysters and Pickleback, a steak called the ‘Lost Love Steak’ and a ‘New York Beignet’ – which can only be described as a deep-fried cheesecake. In addition, there is also an a la carte menu, with slightly fewer options, however, not in any way less exciting. There are also a number of vegetarian and vegan choices available.

Lost Love Speakeasy
To top it all off, the cocktail menu is equally extensive, containing a number of shorts, fizzes and sharers inspired by the show itself, with names so fascinating you’d love to try them all, including ones such as ‘Crossroads Demon’ and ‘Charleston Punch’. For those who want something a bit less glam the bar menu also contains an assortment of sparkling, red and white wines, as well as beer.
Lost Love Speakeasy
All in all, this immersive event promises to be a night to remember, and the excuse we’ve always wanted to dress up to the nines and join the beautiful and damned of New York, immersing ourselves into the roles of Artists & Bohemians, Flappers & Gangsters or Tycoons & Movie Stars.
We’ll be going along to see first hand if it is really as good as it sounds. Watch out for our review.