LDN Life – Supporting “The Worlds Biggest Selfie”

LDN Life – Supporting “The Worlds Biggest Selfie”

#TheWorldsBiggestSelfie is a fun way to raise money for a great charity.

Every photo will fund the latest international research into new treatments for multiple sclerosis and change the lives of people living with the disease now.

The campaigns aims are to have 1,000,000 selfies uploaded in 30 days and to raise global awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

We are all being challenged to take and upload the most exciting, creative, original, outrageously funny, serious or weird selfie we can. Then challenge our friends to see if they can upload a funnier one.

Simply upload a picture to our website, make a donation and challenge your friends to take a better one.

Don’t worry if you’re a little shy, they have some pretty imaginative selfies up already including a panda mask, a goat, the Joker and a fare few pets.

We can all help to change the lives of people with MS.

About MS

Multiple Sclerosis, commonly known as MS, Is a chronic disease of the nervous system. Globally over 2.3 million people are currently living with MS. It’s the most common disease of the central nervous system in young adults. Strangely two thirds of people who get the disease are female. No one knows why. People often get their first diagnosis when they are between 20 and 40. Sadly, around half of the 2.3 million people have progressive MS, a form of the disease that gets worse over time, for which there is no current treatment. MS varies from person to person and even day to day. It’s unpredictability is one of the reasons it is so hard to diagnose, understand and live with.

The MS international Federation

The MS International Federation is a unique global network of MS organisations.

They bring organisations from around the world together to help people affected by MS. They strengthen organisations in countries where there is little support for people with MS. They campaign for increased awareness of the disease, provide information to their members, and support international research into better treatments and ways to manage the disease.

They do all of this on a tiny budget and little public awareness of the crucial role they play.

The Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaignkiss

In 2010 Kiss Goodbye to MS was started in Australia.

Now Kiss Goodbye to MS is going international, with people from 8 countries around the world taking part in the first ever global fundraising campaign for MS!

Kiss Goodbye to MS and The World’s Biggest Selfie are all about individuals making a difference. Help spread the word by taking part, sharing and nominate.

This is what the founder of The Worlds Biggest Selfie has to say about how and why he started this campaign:

“A few months ago, I found myself working night shifts at a South London Hospital. I’m not a doctor or a nurse and I have no medical training; I was working on a project filming the fantastic work that takes place at the hospital.

Swimming in cups of strong coffee, struggling to stay focused on the task in hand. The respect it gave me for the amazing work all the staff put in was immense. How they save lives and help people 24 hours a day is incredible.

So it got me thinking, what can I do? I’m never going to be a nurse or a doctor, but there must be a way I can help improve lives and do some good.

Then, sleep deprived and delirious at 3am, an idea suddenly sprung into my mind. The World’s Biggest Selfie!

And that was that. This is how together, we can all help change lives. By making a small donation and encouraging other people to do the same, we can all make a difference and help change lives around the world.

Kiss Goodbye to MS and The World’s Biggest Selfie are all about individuals making a difference.

So get involved and please help spread the word.

Together we can all do great things.

Together we can Kiss Goodbye to MS.”

Kiran Kukar blogs for LDN Life and is also working on this Campaign.

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