Is #TheNextGalaxy more than a phone?

Is #TheNextGalaxy more than a phone?

With CES a distant memory, tech fans turn their attention to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the big mobile manufactures normally announce their flagships for the year (Apple excluded of course).

Many of these announcement are accompanied with teaser campaigns, often with dark hard to make out edges that give us a clue to what the the new phone may look like. Samsung are no different, but their latest announcement suggests there is something else afoot. Though it could of course just be all superlatives, the image doesn’t lend itself to the shape of a phone.

So what is it? Well a Galaxy S7 and Edge variant are almost dead certs, which I wouldn’t bet against especially as leaks are springing up everywhere. My feeling based on the shape is that the “Something Extraordinary that is coming our way” has something to do with some kind of smart connected home hub which connects to your TV. A Samsung TV box that takes on Apple and controls your home with your Samsung S7 being access point? It’s a possiblity, Samsung makes a lot of TV’s but doesn’t make them all.

But another feeling which I get from the video, is some kind of gesture controlled VR accessory, an idea that is covered in a lot more detail by Jay McGregor, on Forbes and is well worth a read. What else could an extraordinary leap forward that could redefine smart technology be?

I guess we will find out on 21st February 2016. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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