Junkyard Golf Club comes to London

Junkyard Golf Club comes to London

Londoners demand random things be mixed together to make new experiences that take our hard earned money. Oh and I’m not being cynical, I’m a fully paid-up member.  The next one I’m looking forward to is a messy mix of music, food, drink and of course crazy golf in a Junkyard set in a brewery. Sadly it appears London can’t take all the credit for every random mix of stuff Crowds have raved about Junkyard

Sadly it appears London can’t take all the credit for every random mix of stuff, as Junkyard Golf Club started out in ‘sunny’ Manchester. This unique take on crazy golf finds courses in mutant form, jewels from the scrap heap augmented into rather odd looking obstacles for budding Londoners to overcome (THANKS Manchester). With the use of the mighty putter, game players can choose from three, nine-hole courses of weirdness and twisted junk named Pedro (Polluted Paradise), Frank (Putt Up Or Shut Up) and Helga (In Da Club).

Your stomach hasn’t been forgotten and will be filled by Bart’s Dog Kart and Big Grillie Style, serving hot dogs, nachos and more. Meanwhile themed cocktails will be served from Junkyard Golf Club’s bars including ‘Tee Diddy’ (Santa Teresa Rum, Curacao, Almond, Lime and Pineapple) and ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ (Portobello Road Gin, Strawberry, Lemon, Cranberry).

Junkyard Golf Club will be open seven days at week beginning 12th May and ending in August, from 11:00am until 11:00pm. Weekday and Sunday tickets are priced at £8.50 per person whilst Friday and Saturdays will be £9.50.

LDN Life can’t wait to check it out, but don’t wait for our review as this looks like it will sell out fast.

Junkyard Golf Club arrives in London on 12th May at The Old Truman Brewery

Visit: Junkyardgolfclub.co.uk for more information and bookings.

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