It’s time to get #Billboardpositive in London with Never Not Nothing

It’s time to get #Billboardpositive in London with Never Not Nothing

The next instalment of Never Not Nothing’s Art Ritual Series has been unveiled with three billboards in central London displaying the artwork of the band’s trademark phrase ‘Become Empathy Machines’ as part of Brotherhood Media’s #Billboardpositive campaign. The huge billboards can be seen in three popular London locations; Shoreditch, Camden and Bethnal Green.

After Never Not Nothing’s recent collaboration with Nanarchy in the UK (who created knitted riot shields with the band’s ‘Absolute’ symbol to help raise much-needed funds for Hastings-based creative charity for adults with learning disabilities Active Arts), the band wanted to continue their mission to help spread positivity through art so they joined forces with Brotherhood Media to create artwork to feature in their #Billboardpositive campaign across London.

Space from Never Not Nothing said “As artists we feel it is imperative at this time to use our voice to push for positive change, putting empathy and altruism at the heart of our cultural landscape. The near future is going to be rife with inequality. With the most vulnerable falling through the cracks. No one should be cool with this. Less corruption and cronyism and more care please establishment.

“We are so glad there are initiatives like billboard positive that are willing to give their resources to help spread a positive message on the streets. Thank you. x”

The idea behind #Billboardpositive came from the team at Brotherhood Media who wanted to spread love and positivity to people who may be suffering in the current climate. With a massive fall in advertising sales due to the pandemic, the company decided that instead of letting the large billboard sites (all in central London), go to waste they would instead put a call out to artists and musicians to submit ideas and artwork designs that would spread positivity and help lift spirits during these tough times. The campaign, which has run since April has also displayed work from other musicians including Coldplay, Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys and Chrissie Hynde, plus a massive range of artists who created pieces to help thank the NHS. Alongside #Billboardpositive, Brotherhood Media also run the campaign, Black Outdoor Art, to show their support for the BLM movement by shining a light on the subject to help keep the discussions going

Brotherhood Media have also made a long term commitment to donate the billboard sites that haven’t sold to positive causes in the future so that the campaign can keep going for as long as possible.

Dominic Murphy from Brotherhood Media said “We felt it was important to keep our billboard sites fresh and uplifting so we could help brighten up people’s days a little. We started with our own designs thanking NHS workers which received such a great reaction that we decided to open the sites up to other ideas, bringing a wider variety of perspectives.

“London has always been a hub of creativity so we reached out to our clients, designers, artists and musicians, and they didn’t let us down. The brief we gave was simply for positivity, it could be meaningful, abstract, amusing. The only rule was that it couldn’t be selling anything. We received submissions from independent designers, through to paintings by Chrissie Hynde and a photograph from Coldplay. It’s been wonderful connecting with such a wide range of designers and artists and seeing what they have to say – and we’re still going!”

Art Ritual is a series concept from Never Not Nothing, born out of the necessity for the duo to deal with and process the existential dread posed by the current state of humanity, and call for change. They want to use art (in all mediums) as a tool to take back control from oppression, to sacrifice pre-pandemic ideals for a more empathic and sustainable future. Speaking further the band say “Art Rituals are a subversive act of independence, craft ceremonies that gave us a way to regain some semblance of control and perspective for our environment. The ability to create, to manifest positive change through music, and to dream up our very own Niceage, all stopped us from losing our minds to the ether.”  ‘Art Ritual 001 EP’ will be incoming Spring 2021, with more projects in the series to come.

Here at LDN Life ‘HQ’ we wholehearted support anything that promotes positive causes and empathy with our fellow Londoners. So please get sharing this article and pictures of the billboards as and when you see them. Much love!!!

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