A wildly popular cultural phenomenon in Mexico since the 1860s, Lucha Libre is a nail-biting, knuckle-whitening form of freestyle wrestling a la Mexicana. Think: a troop of flamboyantly costumed masked Mexican wrestlers, propelling themselves through the air, using dazzling feats of acrobatics, to inflict intricately-wrought and outrageously-exaggerated acts of violence upon one another.
The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre - Preview 7
This is entertainment in its purest, rawest form. Emotions flood the arena and the atmosphere is elated and jubilant, cheers and hisses exuding from the excited crowd as they watch their favourite wrestlers battle it out in the ring.
Although you’d usually have to travel to the sunny shores of Mexico to catch such a spectacular show, however, for one night, and one night only, some of Mexico’s biggest stars will be somersaulting onto the London scene for The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre – May 11th.
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For this very special occasion, Camden’s famous Roundhouse will be transformed into a spectacular Mexican arena, awash with sound, colour and energy. Expect plenty of audience interaction – the wrestlers frequently run through the crowd, causing havoc in their wake, before diving head first straight into the ring.
The show’s line up will feature some of the biggest names on the Mexican wrestling scene, including El Hijo del Santo (the son of the legendary Santo – wrestler, actor and cultural icon), Silver King (who starred alongside Jack Black as the villain Ramses in Nacho Libre), Cassandro el Exotico (‘The Queen of the Ring’), Laredo Kid (one of the hottest up and coming stars in the Lucha Libre world), El Hijo del Fantasma (son of the wrestler Fantasma), Juventud Guerrera (The Juice) and two fighting Cholitas from Bolivia (Elizabeth La Roba Corazones and Juanita La Cariñosa).
The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre - Preview 11
There’ll also be some unforgettable talent from the UK’s very own Lucha Britannia, including Cassius the Neon Explosion (the name says it all), the fabulously-feathered Pavo Real and the intricately-tattooed Metallico. The soundtrack to the evening – punctuated by frequent boos and cheers, of course – will be lively notes of a full mariachi band and a selection of live DJ’s.
This is the ultimate show for fans of the flamboyant and the fearless, the eccentric and the exuberant. This is The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre and it will only be in town for one night – so don’t miss it!
General Info:
Saturday 11th May
The Roundhouse
Two shows: 2pm & 7pm
More info via their website:https://www.luchalibreworld.co.uk/