Expect the unexpected between PM and AM – Launch Party

Expect the unexpected between PM and AM – Launch Party

Do you like techno that gets into your veins, making you stomp your feet and shout with joy? Do you like to be bathed in visuals while taken on a sonic journey? Do you want to be immersed in the friendliest vibes you can find?

Then you need to head to the very first PM:AM happening at Redon on January 26th.

Photrix has been on the DJ scene for a couple of years having cut his teeth with the London Sound Academy and DJ spots at places like Ministry of Sound, Egg and even Ibiza. But he had big ideas for what the perfect techno rave could be and is about to make it a reality. It started as these things often do – a party for your mates at home but now it’s going to the next level.

I’m happy to say I’ve experienced these house parties and they were house parties like no other, complete with UV visuals, lounge chillout-tipi and a proper dance floor. I can’t wait to see what Photrix brings to an actual venue.

There’s also a lineup of fresh talent (Kruger was recently named as one of 6 new techno acts on the rise by Ibiza Club News) and the night will range from progressive house through to melodic techno ending up with something a little harder that will leave you wanting more. 

They say: Expect the unexpected between PM and AM.

Lineup includes:




Light Gal


Morgan Sowden  


System A

Tickets are only £9 including booking fee.


Facebook event

10 pm – 5 am

Love the sound of it but no one to go with? The Raving London meetup will see you right.

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