Do Cocktails in the City right with Yeni Raki 1937

Do Cocktails in the City right with Yeni Raki 1937

Get ready, Londoners, because a unique and centuries-old Anatolian spirit is making its way to the UK market. Yeni Raki 1937, the world’s most renowned raki brand, is now available on Amazon, bringing its rich history and expertly crafted grape spirits to our shores. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of raki and discover how it’s taking the British cocktail scene by storm.

Admittedly, my first experience of Raki was quite different. It involved nearly getting lost in the clouds of the beautiful island of Anafi, being chased by a goat and eventually finding a taverner and making friends with two beautiful people who invited us to their wedding. Sadly we couldn’t go but those moments making friends with Raki in hand will stay with me forever. Hence I’m super excited to taste it again at Cocktails in the City this week.

The Essence of Raki:
Raki, with its origins dating back 500 years, is an exquisite 45% aniseed-flavored grape alcohol. While its production process and distinctive liquorice taste may remind you of Italy’s sambuca, raki is expertly distilled from carefully selected grapes and raisins to produce suma. This suma is then redistilled with aniseed, resulting in the beloved raki we enjoy today.

More Than a Drink:
Drinking raki is a symbol of sharing, connecting, love, and friendship. It’s an experience meant to be enjoyed in the company of loved ones, whether around a mezze table—a cultural staple in the Mediterranean—or as a luxurious cocktail for a night out on the town. Raki has the power to bring people together, allowing us to celebrate, commiserate, and connect.

An Exciting Brand Refresh:
Now, the UK market is about to experience raki like never before. Yeni Raki is unveiling an exciting brand refresh, accompanied by a lineup of unique raki-infused cocktails. As part of their UK launch campaign, Yeni Raki has partnered with some of London’s home-grown hospitality brands, starting with Soho’s Hovarda for the legendary ‘Cocktails in the City’ event.

Cocktails in the City: Shake Up the Competition:
From July 6th to July 8th, 2023, the nation’s favorite hospitality outlets and spirits brands will battle it out to be crowned the best cocktail and bar at the prestigious ‘Cocktails in the City’ event. And Yeni Raki is set to make waves with its three signature cocktails, showcasing the classic ‘Yeni Raki 1937’ and their craft variation ‘Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme.’

The Signature Cocktails:
Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey. The first on the menu is the ‘Raki Elixir,’ a pear and vanilla concoction that expertly balances the initial aniseed notes with a light and smooth aftertaste. Staying true to the garden party theme, the ‘Basil Sour Dem’ offers a refreshing blend of cucumber, basil, and Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme. Lastly, the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion’ delivers the perfect balance of sweetness and a kick. And for those opting for a booze-free option, the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion Virgin’ is an equally delicious mocktail.

Unveiling Exclusive Prizes:
For every Yeni Raki signature cocktail you enjoy, you’ll have the chance to spin the ‘Spirit to Win It’ wheel and win exclusive prizes. Leave a review on the Blade app and receive a complimentary cocktail at Hovarda—a treat you won’t want to miss!

A Culinary Journey:
When you need a snack break, join us for free hourly Raki and Mezze tastings—a culinary adventure through Yeni Raki’s rich history, accompanied by perfect food pairings. Make sure to secure your place at this complimentary mezze table, as it’s bound to be highly sought after!

The Afterparty:
To continue the festivities in style, Soho’s Hovarda invites you to join them from 10 pm until

late every night for an afterparty like no other. On Thursday, July 6th, Greece’s DJ Viton will be taking the stage, followed by Istanbul’s infamous DJ Derun on Friday, July 7th, and the incredible Maia closing off the event on Saturday, July 8th. Get ready to dance the night away and celebrate the union of cultures through music and good company.

Can’t make Cocktails in the City? There’s more to come:
Cocktails in the City is just the beginning of Yeni Raki’s journey in the UK. With many exciting events and partnerships on the horizon, the brand promises unexpected collaborations and experiences throughout the summer.

And if you want to be part of the Cocktails in the City event, be sure to visit for tickets.

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