Northcote Records: Where London’s Rugby World Cup Fans Unite!

Northcote Records: Where London’s Rugby World Cup Fans Unite!

Ah, the Rugby World Cup! There’s something magnetic about it, isn’t there? If you’re in London and haven’t figured out where to catch the action, you’re about to hit the jackpot. Located in Battersea, Northcote Records is shaking things up in the way only London can.

London’s Global Spirit
One of the things I love most about London is its incredible diversity. Walking down the street, you hear languages from around the world; you see jerseys representing nations near and far. It’s like the United Nations, but with better food and, well, rugby! This cosmopolitan flair makes Northcote Records a gathering spot for everyone—regardless of what colors you’re sporting. You’ll find All Blacks fans mingling with English supporters, and guess what? The banter is just as good as the game.

A Real Experience, Not Just a Screening
Let’s set something straight: watching a game at Northcote Records is not the same as watching it at home. Forget that tiny screen; these guys have HD so clear you can probably see the sweat on the players’ brows. It’s more like a virtual stadium experience, coupled with the kind of crowd energy that would make even Twickenham jealous.

The Deal You Can’t Ignore
Alright, onto the good stuff. What’s game day without indulging a bit? For £15, you get a pint and a pizza. And we’re not talking about a flimsy, cardboard-tasting pizza. They’ve got options ranging from a classic Margherita to a spice-infused Diavola Nduja. Is there a better way to tackle your match-day nerves?

No Sad Faces, Only Dance Moves
Once the game is over, you might think it’s time to head home, but not so fast! Northcote Records takes its ‘afterparty’ seriously. Live bands and DJs are on standby, ready to turn the place into a dance floor. You’ll forget whether your team lost as you groove to tunes that keep the energy sky-high.

Wrap Up
In a city brimming with places to watch the game, Northcote Records stands out for capturing London’s vibrant, inclusive spirit. It’s the embodiment of what makes London a fantastic place to be, especially during the Rugby World Cup.

So if you’re looking for more than just a game, make your way to Northcote Records. It’s where London comes together to celebrate not just rugby, but the global community that makes the sport—and this city—truly great.


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