Campo Viejo’s Colourful Wine Experience ‘Fiesta de Color’ -14th – 18th June – Preview

Campo Viejo’s Colourful Wine Experience ‘Fiesta de Color’ -14th – 18th June – Preview

Campo Viejo launches their brand-new wine bar pop up ‘Fiesta de Color’, 14 – 18th June in Waterloo Millennium Green, which along with their blend your own wine bar also features a brand new wine pairing supper club – “Dare to Pair”.

Their latest pop-up is inspired by their “one-of-a-kind” winery in Rioja, Spain, ‘Fiesta de Color’ promises to be a vibrant, multi-level, pop-up experience where you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Spain. Complete with a balcony bar overlooking the London cityscape, a roof made from erm stunning coloured ribbon? and a 10ft robot wine server, Fiesta de Colour looks to be a truly standout destination this June and a great example of a brand doing it well!

Their new dining experience has been created in collaboration with POP Brixton’s Donostia, (which keeps popping up on our radar) and explores the five senses of food and wine pairing over four courses of Spanish tapas. This promises to be a modern twist on the traditional rules of wine pairing, and shake up the way you drink enjoy and pair wine!

· Blend your own wine bar – Learn all about Rioja wines and then blend your own full bottle of Spanish red to take home
· ‘Dare to Pair’ dining experience – a new four-course dining experience exploring the five senses of food and wine pairing to help Londoners revamp their wine o ‘clock, and no that doesn’t mean wine for breakfast is ok.
· Tapas by POP Brixton’s Donostia, and of course a fully stocked Campo Viejo bar with lots of outdoor seating and space to relax with friends

Plus, move over London Tech Week, there’s also a 10ft robot wine server – So when your glass is empty, you can head to the robot waiter to have it bow and pour you a glass of wine. (Though I have no idea if it takes contactless)


Main Events:

Discover the art and science of wine blending £20 + booking fee

An experience normally only offered at its winery in Spain, Campo Viejo brings its signature ‘Blend Your Own Wine’ masterclass to the Fiesta de Color.

Lead by Campo Viejo’s expert winemakers, visitors will have the chance to discover the art and science behind blended wines. Experiment with the different grapes, test your taste-buds and craft a bottle of wine that is bespoke to you. A class with lab coats and test tubes; it is more of a scientific experiment than a wine tasting session!

Dare to Pair food and wine pairing session £25 + booking fee

Campo Viejo will be ripping up the food pairing rule book, exploring the five senses of food and wine pairing over four courses of street tapas with four of Campo Viejo’s most loved wines.

The food and wines on the menu have been expertly paired to explore the ways in which the senses of taste, touch, sound, sight and smell affect the way we experience food and taste wine. Expect bubbly cava with smooth cheesecake, silky blanco with gazpacho and octopus two ways in this exciting culinary experience.

The ‘Dare to Pair’ food and wine pairing sessions are hosted in partnership with Donostia, current residents at POP Brixton.

With the sun set to shine this week, there could be few better ways to escape the city crowds by retreating to this sunny slice of Rioja in London?


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