Skylight opens rooftop bar in Wapping

Skylight opens rooftop bar in Wapping

Summer = rooftops. FACT!

Which is why, as soon as the sun was out, I did three in one week. The first – Skylight (the second Brixton Rooftop which you can read about here and the third being Dalston Roofpark).

In Tobacco Dock in Wapping, someone has decided that people need to play lawn games, and they need to play them high up on a car park roof. With food. And cocktails. And who am I to disagree?

The place feels a little sparse because there has to be space to devote to three croquet pitches plus a couple for petanque, but spacious is good. There are four different levels. One with food, one to mill about a bit, and the upper two for the bars and to sit and chill. The food offering is small but decent. We Serve Humans are there slinging burgers – the veggie one is a deep fried mac and cheese slab and is NOT to be missed. They pair it with a vinegary mustardy sauce and pickled red onions to cut through some of the epic stodge.

Skylight wapping

You can also get a wrap or box from Yiro and they do Halloumi fries too, or Krapow are doing Vietnamese food such as tofu soups minced lamb in lettuce wraps/

There is an array of summery sounding cocktails on offer – though I would avoid the Swedish Summer as it pretty much just tasted of vodka tonic. Not sure where the elderflower was.

The wall was a little too high for us short people to completely admire the view, but as the sun set, it really lived up to its name with a beautiful sky giving us gorgeous colours as the night drew in. A welcome addition to the burgeoning rooftop scene.

Skylight wapping

Visit the Skylight website for more info

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