Busan BBQ – Korean New Year AmeriKorean Pop Up – Tooting Market

Busan BBQ – Korean New Year AmeriKorean Pop Up – Tooting Market

We’ve been Huge fans of Busan BBQ ever since they first launched last summer, so it comes as no surprise that we are even more excited when we heard that they were taking over Tooting Market to celebrate Korean New Year on 1st of Feb.

We caught up with the guys behind the AmeriKorean dream team, to find out a bit more about the event and what to expect.

Menu is slightly different to our usual burgers and fried chicken as we wanted to showcase something super special for our pop up as it’s a one night only event! Starters are a selection of pork meatballs smothered in our sweet and spicy gotchujang sauce, chicken skewers glazed in a garlicky soy marinade and quick pickled mooli. Main is our beer bulgogi philly cheese steak – our beef is super thinly sliced and marinaded in beer, soy, garlic and ginger to make it extra tender and super meaty. It comes with double fried sweet potato fries, corn on the cob with kimchi butter and there will be homemade kimchi too (with a little help from my mum!) Dessert is a sweet and creamy yuza (Korean citron) cheesecake which has a ginger crumb base! Hope that all gets your mouth watering 😉 Oh, and there’s a soju cocktail free as a welcome drink!

We want the evening to be more than just a meal out – we want it to be an event where everyone comes out having had a really great time. So, we’re going to have live music on arrival, Korean cocktail bar, games, and a karaoke competition (at the end of the evening when everyone’s had a few cocktails..!) DJ Joonki is our Korean DJ who will be mixing up some amazing old school hip hop at the end of the evening…Can you tell we’re excited?!
Evening starts at 7.30pm and it’ll be held at Tooting Market on 1st of Feb. The reason we chose this date is because it’s the weekend of Korean New Year (seollal) (which falls on 30th Jan this year as it is according to the lunar calendar) so we really wanted to do something for this as it’s a great occasion for everyone to get together and celebrate – especially as January is always such a drag!

Wow well even if it’s for one night only, we’re ditching the diet in the name of foodie awesomeness and we suggest you do the same.

To see their menu and book tickets (Which are selling like bulgogi philly cheese steak), head to this Link and start February with a bang. 

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