Bread Street Sessions launches with Busan BBQ at Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Sessions launches with Busan BBQ at Bread Street Kitchen

Last Thursday I attended the launch of ‘Bread Street Sessions’, a weekly showcase at Bread Street Kitchen at One New Change which celebrates culinary diversity. This Autumn, every Saturday some of the most popular street food traders will be invited to take over the downstairs urban bar. To match the theme there will be resident street food, bespoke cocktails and selected DJ’s.

Busan BBQ, a regular of the street food scene selling Korean fusion food is the first street food trader to grace Bread Street Kitchen and they will be in the City every Saturday till the 25th October.P1010344

The launch on Thursday showcased the skills of Bread Street Kitchen’s expert bar team conjuring Korean inspired cocktails using ingredients such as Soju. The cocktails, which were a twist on the classics, complimented the spicy, salty and sweet flavours of Korea; my favourite of the four bespoke cocktails was the Kimbap Martini with gin, lime sugar syrup, aloe vera water and avocado (yes avocado!).

It would have been great to sample more of Busan BBQ’s delectable delights as we only got to try very little; it seemed the food took more of a backstage presence in comparison to the cocktails. However what we did eat was absolutely delicious; Korean double fried crispy chicken wings, a sticky pork rib in a spicy gochujang sauce and the best dish we tried; the sweet and spicy pork belly topped with yoghurt and mooli slaw. The food was spectacularly flavoursome and really engaged every part of my taste buds. This is the type of food you gorge on and then sit down, rest, undo your belt and let your belly hang out.

During the evening I had the opportunity to have a quick conversation with Da-Hae, who I had met briefly before at Taste of London, and is just one half of the husband and wife team that created Busan BBQ. I was full of admiration to hear about her and her husband’s hard work, sacrifice and early mornings to deliver Busan BBQ at food markets around London.
Having had my taste buds teased I shall certainly have to pay Busan BBQ another visit and try some more of their food and I will definitely be returning to Bread Street Kitchen, a stylish and artistic establishment with cocktails to match.

If you want to combine stylish decor and the Busan BBQ experience together then head down today to the first of the Bread Street Sessions at Bread Street Kitchen. Busan BBQ will be featuring till 25th October with more food street traders swooping in every Saturday. For information about the Bread Street Session, follow this link.


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