6 London Halloween Events to get your Teeth into

6 London Halloween Events to get your Teeth into

Halloween is HERE! Which is only slightly scarier than CHRISTMAS IS COMING or Iceland’s (sadly fake) Minge Pies. Regardless of whether you actually find any of it scary, it is a great time to be in London, as more events come out of the woodwork than zombies in an average episode of The Walking Dead. (Is anyone else board of that show yet?)

So here’s our quick lowdown on our Fav Halloween events, which not surprisingly have all been taken from our new events section.

1) For those who are posh and want to get drunk in style, you can celebrate Halloween in style with Jose Cuervo at Fortnum and Mason. Try lot’s of tequila, nod to your friends approvingly or be sick in a bucket, it’s allowed, it’s Hallween. You’ll also get to taste the brand new 1800 Coconut tequila, which sounds delightfully lush darling! But be quick it’s on today (Thursday 30th October)

2) Next up, Sway Bar near Holborn are hosting a Zombie Land night out on Friday night. Never been but if you need something  central to dance the night away in, hey give it a go and let us know what it’s like. If you can dance from 5pm until the early hours, chances are you’ll pretty much turn into a zombie mess.  Apparently they are  transforming their stunning venue into a Zombie apocalypse war Zone, which makes me wonder if they are going to go all out and completely trash the place. Plus they have survival packages (containing what we don’t know) starting from £25 and fancy dress will be rewarded on the night, which is nice of them.

3) Next is more Zombie fun times with Backyard Cinema, sadly most of the dates are now sold out but it looks amazing, we’ve even forgiven them for getting a Beer brand to sponsor a Zombie Apocalypse and on the plus side, this also keeps the experience at a none ridiculous price point.  Anyway we are off to check it out tonight so we shall expand on this soooooooon unless our brains get eaten or we get lost in Hackney…

4) How on earth the lovely girls from A Grape Night In could ever be scary is beyond us but they do, do Hellishly good wine events and we expect more of the same with this one. Their Hallowi’ne Spooktacular looks perfect for those who want to do something this Halloween but don’t want to be squashed in a corner of a bar in Clapham surrounded by people dressed in Hazmat suits acting like they’ve just discovered achofrol. (We’ve all done it)

5) Have you ever been to the Windmill in Brixton? Well you should do it at least once, it’s a strange place and they are so well known for having a dog on a roof, that they had a beer made called Dog on a Roof. Or were we sooooo drunk that we made that up? Either way BURN the JUKEBOX looks like great fun for music lovers looking for something off the beat and track in south London. My pick of the bands would have to be Slum of Legs from Brighton.

6) Finally you can finish the weekend off on Sunday eve with the scary fact that Shaun of The Dead is 10 YEARS OLD. To celebrate this harrowing fact, Hackney Attic @ Hackney Picture House is screening it. The least scary bit is that it’s only 6 quid a ticket, which might be just enough to buy you DVD and a bottle of cheap wine from Tesco’s but watching it with other people who are all wondering where the last 10 years of gone is probably much more fun.





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