Welcome To Night Vale preview – London 1st October

Welcome To Night Vale preview – London 1st October

 “With its uncanny blend of the macabre and the mundane, the news out of Night Vale sounds like what might occur if Stephen King or David Lynch was a guest producer at your local public radio station.” – The New York Times

“Welcome to Night Vale regularly delivers a mix of pitch-black humor and deadpan chills.” – The Los Angeles Times

A mysterious glowing cloud will settle over Victoria on the evening of 1st October centred around the Apollo Theatre. The latest live show from the Welcome To Night Vale team All Hail. Following their sold-out tour Ghost Stories from last year and preceding the release of their new novel It Devours!, out October 17th.

Welcome to Night Vale is one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a community radio show set in the fictional desert town of Night Vale. A town where all conspiracy theories are real, the Sheriffs Secret Police patrol from helicopters overhead there was a five headed dragon running for mayor and dogs are definitely NOT ALLOWED in the dog park.

In 2015 LDN Life went to their live show and had a great night, I’m looking forward to seeing what the glow cloud rains down on us this time.

The show is a stand-alone story written with longtime listeners and first-time visitors to Night Vale in mind. With guest stars and live music, this unique show promises to be a mysterious and fun night of entertainment in the capital.

We’re excited to go down and check it out on Sunday. (1st October)

And remember All Hail the glow cloud.
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