United Ramen does the Pop Up Dining Club – Interview

United Ramen does the Pop Up Dining Club – Interview

We’ve loved the Tooting Market Pop Ups so far and so it seems has everyone else, as the guys behind it have decided to stop hiding and make it into a proper business. So without further ado here is our interview with United Ramen………….. thanks of course to the Pop Up dining club.

So what is your pop up?

Our pop-up is an exciting collaboration with Pop Up Dining Club to be hosted in the heart of the historic Tooting Market (established 1930) on Saturday 8th March. At the core of the event is a four-course tasting menu featuring our Lamb Belly Kare (Curry) Ramen. People will be greeted by live music, a welcome cocktail and a nibble followed by 3 more delicious courses. In addition to the food and drink there will be other activities for our guests to enjoy such as the ‘Master Chopsticks Challenge’ with some exciting prizes to be won.

Why did you decide to set it up? 

At United Ramen we celebrate the cultural influences and history that led to the development of modern Ramen so, our dishes have been created using traditions inspired by Japan and infused with different cultural flavours. We are currently running a series of pop-up events where our ramen meets different cultures. This allows us to test dishes from our menu and gain feedback to help us improve our offering before we open a permanent location. Pop Up Dining Club have been hosting some fantastic events in Tooting Market and when they approached us to partner for a ramen inspired event we jumped at the chance to test our Kare (curry) Ramen in an area where curry is king.

What makes your pop up so special/unique?

Firstly, this will be the first time any members of the public will have a chance to try our Kare (curry) Ramen and they will have the unique opportunity to give us feedback that will impact the development of our dish. Secondly, we are launching our first ever bubble tea cocktail (aka the ‘Bubble-tea-ni’)! Finally, the Master Chopsticks Challenge will pit brave customers against one another for the chance to be crowned the Chopsticks Master.

Where can we normally find you?

We’ve been popping up in Fitzrovia recently and we are likely to be heading northeast in the coming weeks with three more events to be announced very soon. People can stay informed on Twitter (@unitedramen), Facebook (facebook.com/unitedramen) or by signing up to our newsletter (www.unitedramen.com/newsletter).

Why did you choose Tooting? What makes it special?

First and foremost, we’re local Tooting residents! The area is fantastic and there is so much going on right now with exciting new shops, bars and restaurants. The curry is also fantastic for anyone who has never ventured down (Spice Village is a particular favourite near Tooting Bec tube station). Also, we couldn’t think of a better place to try our own style of curry that you won’t find anywhere else!

What is your signature/favourite dish and drink etc?

Obviously, I love all of our creations because we put so much time and effort in to perfecting each one with such contrasting styles but I would say one of our most exciting dishes is a nod to the great British tradition of a Sunday Roast. In one of our first ever pop-up events we introduced our British Bulldog Roast Beef Ramen with mini Yorkshire Puddings and Wasabi Gravy. I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

Why should we come and visit you?

We think you should come visit us because for under £30 you can enjoy a full evenings entertainment in a great atmosphere with a fresh, quality, 4-course meal – while providing invaluable feedback – a number of fun activities with your fellow diners and you can become part of history at the great Tooting Market. Finally, to set your taste buds tingling here is the full menu:united ramen

Welcome Cocktail: Lychee Bubble-tea-ni

Nibble: Poppadums with Homemade Wasabi-Mango Chutney

Starter: Japanese Chicken Meatball Skewers (with an Indian twist)

Ramen: Lamb Belly Kare (Curry) Ramen

Dessert: Coconut and Mango Mochi Ice Creams

Aside from yourselves what are you favourite Pop Ups?

As lovers of Japanese cuisine we are very excited by what Tacochu are doing but they keep selling out so fast we haven’t been able to get there yet! We had a great experience at Kitchen Disco’s pop-ups late last year and are looking forward to the announcement of future events. Last but not least Pop Up Dining Club will be back with @Yummychooeats in Tooting Market at the end of March for some Mauritian grub. Can’t wait!

And finally what exciting events, news etc. have you got coming up?

We should be announcing three more events in March and April as part of ‘Ramen meets _____’ series that will include ‘Ramen meets the USA’ featuring Southwest BBQ Chicken and Bacon Ramen with Buttered Sweet Corn. We’ll also be going back to the roots of Ramen with ‘Ramen knows Japan 2’ featuring a classic Chashu (Pork Belly) Shoyu Ramen with Crackling. We hope to see you there!

To book your place on the exciting Tooting adventure / PopUp, then click on this handy link

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