#TSLRooftopBrewing Review

#TSLRooftopBrewing Review

Right smack dab in the middle of town, I found a paradise that’s trouble-proof. And if this world starts getting you down, there’s room enough for two up on the roof.

So sang The Drifters in Up On The Roof, back in ’62. Youtube it. (here’s a link)

Anyway, where I am trying to get to is that whilst supping a pint of Hop Stuff’s delectable Renegade IPA at Netil 360 Saturday 5th July, it occurred to me that they really did have a point. Fortunately, the venue chosen for Twenty Something London’s Rooftop Brewing event had room for rather more than two (else it could have had the potential to surpass even my own worst blind date).

When told by co-collaborators IndieAles that the event promised “…beer infused E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. – beer, food, cocktails – the lot”, yours truly was sold, and the event certainly delivered. On offer were both brunch and evening sessions, with slight variations on the food, drink and entertainment. LDN Life attended the evening. That’s the way we roll, ok?

    Collecting our eight tokens (1 token for 1/3 pint, 2 for a pint) included in the ticket price we worked up a thirst heading up the concrete stairwell to the rooftop venue. Yolk, serving delicious looking, melt in the middle Scotch eggs and BarChick’s cocktail bar were upstairs in the main seating area, with the rest of the brewers, bars and food were down a set of stairs on a separate rooftop level.

Here, looking resplendent on a green lawn of astro turf were Clarkshaws, London Fields Brewery, Hop Stuff, Special Brew, Sammy Smiths (yeah I lived in Yorkshire) and Boutique Beer Brands serving drinks plus Skillet and Turner & Roast serving food.

After a wander, we found ourselves getting straight into the Renegade IPA from Hop Stuff. Good colour, strong flavour and probably the pick of the bunch we tried. Also highly recommended was Special Brew’s Signature Lager (ideal when the sun came out) and Clarkshaws’ Gorgon’s Alive (Golden Ale and also winner of the best name).

For food, we ate at Turner & Roast. If you need to ask why, you’ve clearly never seen their Meat Porn sign. A staggering delicious Steak and Eggs Slider – meatpbrisket cooked in stout (of course) topped with crumbled eggs and parmesan – slathered in their XXX hot sauce was consumed in moments. Moments of pure meat joy. Their sauce is well labelled though…

The venue itself was a great choice, and not simply for the rooftop views over westwards over London. A reasonable crowd gave a good atmosphere, but at no point were we queueing for too long for drinks or food. The busiest area was in front of the covered TV screen showing both World Cup games. A healthy following of Argentina and Netherlands fans added to the atmosphere. Always one for the underdog, LDN Life was happy to represent Costa Rica. The cocktails from BarChick may have helped….

On that note, the spectacular team of specially imported Scousers (may not actually be true) served up a selection of cocktails featuring beer as a key ingredient. Although we were disappointed not to see Lagaritas on the menu (“Too easy” was BarChick’s opinion) Jamexican Bodega Cobbler (rum and beer with a bit o’ lemon) was a particular favourite.

Although LDN Life didn’t take up the opportunity to get into one of the hot tubs for hire (bit behind on the beach body diet), it certainly looked like a good place to watch the sun go down and the lights come up over the city. We also missed out of the ice pops served up by Lolitas Ice Lollies, so popular were they earlier in the day. A shame too, as the Chocolate and Stout Ice Cream Pop sounded about as far from a Mini Milk as you can get.


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