Tropicana Beach Club: Fun, Sunshine & Vegan Foods – Review

Tropicana Beach Club: Fun, Sunshine & Vegan Foods – Review


The Tropicana Beach Club has always been popular for its fun and sunshine but its fab vegan options have been a little-known secret. For a taste of tropical paradise within central London, head to Tropicana Beach Club. Enjoy nostalgic pop hits, gorgeous dancers and tasty treats.

Dancers, Performers & Lifeguards

With a five-piece of beautiful dancers getting the party started, a night at Tropicana Beach Club won’t ever be boring. Find yourself mesmerised by the dancers doing their hourly routines that take you to hula in Honolulu, conga in Miami or samba in Rio de Janeiro.

With the dance-floor built like a pool (ladders included!) it’s important to have dishy lifeguards on duty. Take a pose in their chair (one for the insta) or oggle at the scantily clad dancers and waiters.

Snack, then Party

Fuel yourself for the night ahead by taking advantage of The Tropicana Beach Club Kitchen. They have tonnes of vegan dishes from the menu to choose from:


The Jerk Cauliflower ‘Chicken’ Wings are really nice. Generously spiced to pack a punch and paired really well with a creamy, calming avocado mayo. No, of course, they don’t taste just like chicken, but they’re still delicious and count towards your five a day! For the perfect summer snack, order the Avocado & Mango Summer Rolls. These rolls are pretty big and full of fresh ingredients. The avocado and mango really compliment the beach party vibe. I loved having this served with a Ponzu dipping sauce.


Grab the ultimate comfort meal of Mac & ‘Cheese’ which is surprisingly creamy and topped with crushed tortillas to give it a crunch. Nothing too crazy going on, just a great vegan take on an old classic. The Cauliflower Cous Cous is a lighter, healthier choice for main. It’s easy to end up with a bland meal when ordering cauliflower couscous, but the chargrilled veg and pomegranate seeds keep this dish fresh and tasty.

Tropicana Beach Club


The Rainbow Slaw stole the show as it was seasoned with sweet chilli and sesame. I’m trying my best to recreate this at home so I can have it as a healthy side all the time.

Tropicana Beach Club

My boyfriend was distraught to find grapefruit in the Avocado & Citrus Ceviche whilst I found it totally at home with the other citrus flavours. I love fruit artfully served alongside the main meal and found this a great addition.

Tropicana Beach Club


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Mango Sorbet. The tangy passion fruit coulis served on top really compliments the sweet mango. Whilst the dessert was delicious, I found the portion too generous – this is a good one to share. Unfortunately, they were out of the Plantain Fritter which is served with a vegan salted caramel sauce. I’ll have to find an excuse to return and try out this dessert!

Tropicana Beach Club

Cocktail Time, A Summer’s Tune

I was really impressed that they knew which of their alcoholic drinks are vegan. A lot of restaurants overlook this important step in becoming vegan-friendly. Whilst they weren’t able to offer wine, they had a couple of vegan cocktails.

The two vegan-friendly cocktails are the:

  • Slip N Slide – Vodka, pineapple, passionfruit and lime. Shaken and Stirred.
  • Bahama Breeze – Vodka, strawberry, lime, banana and elderflower. Served with banana chips.

I’d love it if they could make it clearer on the menu which drinks are vegan and take some steps towards expanding their vegan drinks range.

Vegan by Nicole

Return to the Club?

I would happily return to the Tropicana Beach Club with some girlfriends for both food and a boogie. Eating a meal on the cusp of a dance floor was far more fun and intimate than I expected. The food was adequately tasty and reasonably priced, but what you’ll really be here for is the party atmosphere. Even the most stubborn dancer will get up to Macarena and conga, but will swiftly return to the table to finish up their yummy club grub.

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